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Master Alternate picking

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well, I was very happy to receive your warm feedback about the Michael Romeo post!

Today i am going to talk about alternate picking. 444 more words


The art of Neo-Classical guitar playing

Yngwie Malmsteen has quickly gained his stardom in the middle of the 80s, after releasing his innovative debut album “Rising force”. he immediately became a worldwide sensation, sending millions of young guitarists all over the world to the woodshed, studying, practicing and trying to imitate his unique style and jaw-dropping technique. 717 more words


Improving Picking

Here’s an exercise I’ve come up with which has helped me really improve my alternate picking. I think the ‘go-to’ exercise for alternate picking is to raz up and down the chromatic scale a few times at a fast tempo, but this doesn’t address all of the challenges alternate picking can present. 110 more words

Andy Little

Quick Lick - Alternate Picking Single String Run 2

A quick alternate picked run for you here. It’s in A minor and moves through all the positions on the high E string. Enjoy!

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Guitar Lesson

Alternate Picking - Ascending Three Note Per String Video Lick

A bad-ass lick using the A minor scale and two strings. It ascends a full octave and is a good way of practicing lateral movement with alternate picking. 26 more words


Week 14 - Speeding up

Hi! Last week I raise my tempo in Alternate Picking and Economy&Sweep Picking. I feel quite comfortable playing it at 58 and 54 bpm (6 npb).  43 more words


Alternate Picking - Part 1

Alternate picking is a good technique for building speed and accuracy. If you ever just want to impress the masses with a blaze of speed, then using the tried and tested “down up down up” picking pattern is the way to go for many people. 411 more words

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