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A Survey of Guitar Picking, part 1

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Guitar picking is certainly an oft written about topic, usually with the goal of demonstrating how to play fast. 1,049 more words


Master Alternate picking

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well, I was very happy to receive your warm feedback about the Michael Romeo post!

Today i am going to talk about alternate picking. 444 more words


The art of Neo-Classical guitar playing

Yngwie Malmsteen has quickly gained his stardom in the middle of the 80s, after releasing his innovative debut album “Rising force”. he immediately became a worldwide sensation, sending millions of young guitarists all over the world to the woodshed, studying, practicing and trying to imitate his unique style and jaw-dropping technique. 717 more words


Improving Picking

Here’s an exercise I’ve come up with which has helped me really improve my alternate picking. I think the ‘go-to’ exercise for alternate picking is to raz up and down the chromatic scale a few times at a fast tempo, but this doesn’t address all of the challenges alternate picking can present. 110 more words

Andy Little

Quick Lick - Alternate Picking Single String Run 2

A quick alternate picked run for you here. It’s in A minor and moves through all the positions on the high E string. Enjoy!

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Guitar Lesson

Alternate Picking - Ascending Three Note Per String Video Lick

A bad-ass lick using the A minor scale and two strings. It ascends a full octave and is a good way of practicing lateral movement with alternate picking. 26 more words


Week 14 - Speeding up

Hi! Last week I raise my tempo in Alternate Picking and Economy&Sweep Picking. I feel quite comfortable playing it at 58 and 54 bpm (6 npb).  43 more words