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411. Altar - "Youth Against Christ" (RYM's Top 666 Death Metal Albums Of The 90's)

(Disclaimer: This is NOT my list. I am sharing this list of RYM’s 666 highest rated death metal albums from 1990-1999. Obviously 90’s death metal is the best sound ever created by humans…right?
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love your toilet

I believe that being surrounded by beautiful things (or things you yourself deem beautiful) makes your life more harmonious. In the year that we’ve lived in our lovely mid-century home, I’ve tried to make as much of an imprint of our (or at least mine!) personalities as I could. 580 more words

Loki says... #8

*GASPS* GET ME THE BLUE CUPCAKE HOLDER. – Loki, way too excited for a Tupperware party.


Mizbe'ah ~ A place of sacrifice

Ge. 22: 9 “When they reached the place God had told him about, Abraham built an altar there and arranged the wood on it. He bound his son Isaac and laid him on the altar…” 509 more words


a thrifty witch

There are many benefits to moving house a lot of times in your life. It’s a new, exciting experience to live somewhere different; whether it’s a new street, suburb, state, or even country. 1,164 more words

My Main Shrine/Altar

Every time my path takes a new turn I have this impulse to update my shrine and altar space. It feels like the air has changed and it no longer suits its need. 551 more words

As The Path Turns