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Obama in India!

I hope they don’t play Altaf Raja during the dinner they host for Obama. Because, “tum to thehre pardesi, saath kya nibhaoge…

Happens in India!

The reason behind boost in business and yearly turnovers of the beggars association last decade is because of Altaf Raja.

Thoda Intezaar ka...Mazaa Lijiye

Many years ago, three high wise men from the east saw a star and knew that it signified the birth of a KING. So, they followed the star in search of the newborn and found him in a small village. 1,063 more words


Top 5 Songs of the 90s that You Hate to Love

Yes, we were the Cassette generation who thought gelled, middle-parted hair was super cool, blonde was yo, and believed in shiny objects. And ours was also the Pop generation, where singers found their place in the sun and everybody knew the lyrics. 1,117 more words

Throwback Review