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The Power of the Cock

I occasionally get emails from readers and please — keep them coming — I love hearing from you.  Is it totally fucked up that I love to hear your confessions?   475 more words

Forced Feminization

Day 3: Mindful Eating

Men are such visual creatures. Where a woman will choose a man who is honorable and displays alpha qualities to care for her and their children and is not necessarily movie star handsome, a man will immediately look for a woman who is aesthetically pleasing. 474 more words


My Deviance...

I’ve always been a little deviant when it comes to relationships and attraction. And I don’t just mean in the sense that every girl loves a ‘bad boy'; I am only too familiar with that particular cliche, and while it’s essentially true for most of us throughout our youth, many of us grow out of it and eventually realise that what we really want is for the ‘bad boy’ to become a ‘good guy’, which ultimately means we’re looking to change someone to suit our needs, and that never works. 361 more words


Yes, Doctor! (BBW Medical Backdoor Erotica)

Curvy, shy Claire goes to the doctor for an embarrassing problem: she can’t stop thinking about sex! Though she knows her problem is unusual, the last thing she expects is for the gorgeous Dr. 38 more words


My Close Escape From Rape: WARNING-GRAPHIC

I went to Atlantic City when I was 23 with one of my close friends at the time, Essie* (name changed). It was my birthday and wanted to do something big. 1,095 more words


Quote & Pic of the Day, No. 17 of 24

Carson is a seven-year old West Highland Terrier. Nothing unusual about that. He is a rescue dog from a puppy mill where he was used as a breeder. 210 more words

Review: Brand of the Pack by Tera Shanley

There are very few people who are going to look into the mirror and say, ‘That person I see is a savage monster; instead, they make up some construction that justifies what they do. 485 more words

Urban Fantasy