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Where's the boyfriend?

“When are you getting a boyfriend?- My mom, earlier today. I hate questions like these. They make me feel so pressured and that there is something wrong with me. 533 more words


Playing catch-up

You know how busy you’ve been by the number of modern family episodes you have to catch up on. Looking forward to this weekend.


Missing Heart

What has happened to my heart?
Has it healed and it lies dormant,
Or is it that I no longer feel?
Empty tears still fall… 78 more words


I thought I meant more...

Warning: emotional post

Yesterday my boyfriend of nearly 3 years left me. Apparently we want different things, i am not even sure what that means anymore. 286 more words


Trust Fall

I stand under a single spotlight,


All the other spotlights

have been put out.

The shadows

are dark as the gaping maws

of the crowding wolves… 110 more words


Once Again...

Once again I am here

Writing my pain and fear

Once again I have tears

For love that seemed so near

Once again I have lost… 105 more words

When I'm Alone

Day in and day out,
I’ve wondered on my own,
Why things seem so hard
When I’m all alone.

Is it anger?
Or is it strife? 173 more words