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I am Wind.

People flow in and out, all around.

I am just a whisper in the wind as they tighten their coats.

I can get through even though they try to block me out.   154 more words



You didn’t even notice,

I am like a ghost,

I am just a shadow,

You don’t want to know.

Once I was important,

Now I got replaced, 8 more words

The Hermit

The sun arced around itself as I drifted away; I was now far enough that I could watch its orbit in full. Mine had broken, and the planetoid that I lived on was now adrift amongst the stars. 616 more words

I Don't Want To 'Fit In'

Dear Reader,

As I make my lonely way to my high school everyday, I walk past so many different types of people. All of different age, race, gender, nationality… 335 more words