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Waiting for Myself

She is supposed to walk from that direction
Wrapped in a creme raincoat
Raindrops marks their drying presence
Around the sleeves
Her sleek fingers around the metal handle… 187 more words


In the back of his car or in the back of his mind

In the back of his car or mind. She was afraid.. To be hidden in the back of his mind. To never return and to push her far behind. 276 more words


Do You Understand

Do you understand
When I love you drips sweetly from my lips
Hatred swirls in my heart
Two emotions waging war
To declare other than love for you is impossible… 50 more words

Medicine Can't Cure Me, Coping (and Debbie is a B*tch)

I think the hardest thing with my internal battle is realizing that medicine, the one that has been keeping me somewhat functional, won’t be able to cure me. 519 more words

Everyday Life


palavra do idioma finlandês cujo significado é “sozinho (a)”.
e o que, diabos, significa se sentir, estar, ser sozinho?
nascemos só. morremos só.
muitas vezes, envolvidos em uma multidão de pessoas, a única sensação verdadeira que nos percorre a espinha é: estamos sós diante da imensidão do céu, diante do infinito do mar, diante da imprevisibilidade da vida. 59 more words

The Forgotten Man

He sits alone

Taking hits from a bong foregone by his



To him they wouldn’t lend

A piece of their souls

Old and hardened… 45 more words



Racing through everything

Losing control and

Watching life get away.

Head snapping back and forth

Searching for an escape,

But nothing comes.

The cliff approaches, 23 more words