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Sketching 22

A random view.. But honestly, it’s still quite a view..


Journal: Behind enemy lines

I honestly feel this way. I’m alone a lot (5 out of 7 days 24 hours a day, 1 day 16 out of 24, and 1 day 21 out of 24). 221 more words


Sketching 21

How about a view this time?

Everytime I see this sketching.. I think about her..

Because this is the view she is looking everyday outside her windows. 26 more words


Dreams To Ashes

Dreams twist realities
Anticipations take flight
Then in one bleak moment
A crushing fist of truth
Slams into my heart
The words of denial
Kill all confidence in me… 30 more words

Hello World

Hello, with this post I begin what will surely be a new venture into territory previously unknown. Throughout the maze of this blog I will maintain the scope at which I have set myself in relation to this blog… 21 more words


Why You Should Go to a Concert Alone (At Least Once in Your Life)

By Maggie McHale

One of the most incredible events you could ever partake in is a concert. No matter what genre, there is nothing quite like the thrill of seeing a musician you love up on stage, singing your favorite song and breathing the same air as you. 512 more words

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