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A New Path

A new path revealed itself, glowing with opportunity
Inviting me to tread along, leaving behind my insecurity.
It was guarded in the heavens by the soft clouds… 195 more words


Reckless Love

If I could show you how awful you made me feel; you would never be able to look me in the eye again. If you saw the pain that I was in because you were reckless with my feelings you would finally understand the ramifications of your actions. 735 more words


On the Frozen Lake

I listen to the lake cracking,
thunder under my feet,
and wonder at
The way things were and
The way that things will be
Stars in the ice… 49 more words

My bucket list!

We live life without any clues during our early school days and slowly we come across interesting things to do in life and those things are the best and memorable ones to cherish in life.. 550 more words



I’m a shadow of the girl I once thought that I would be,
The dreams I held tightly to, now a distant echo.
My edges have been blurred by my failures and faults. 107 more words

87. Conversations

I have no survival skills for being home alone. There’s plenty of conversation going on at work, but when I get home it’s just me and the pets. 60 more words

Writing 2015

Endless Days

Days like today are typical for me. Nothing going on, me being alone and wishing that there was something more to life then this. Sitting on the couch pretending to watch television when really all I want to be doing is sleeping or be outside having an adventure of some sort as to fill the endless void that is my boredom. 42 more words