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Danger unleashed!

‘I wanted to pen down a racy prologue for my novel, which kept people on the edge of their seats, glued to the book.

I had free time in the office now. 1,289 more words

Carpet Lover

Spending Freeze

Now at ease

Balmy breeze

King trouble

Queen peace

Those years back

Same sun

Same Son

Same mind

Same family

Do it to me—truth or dare? 229 more words


Tell Me Something

Tell me something

Something of summer

Something to remember

Backseat dreamer never

Ready for the future

Over those bangs came

Those fangs, truth dug

Into me, but no one to share it with… 193 more words


To my God; walk back to life.

To mom,
And every that woman who takes the pain,pride & joy in being one.

The lights in my room,
They keep talking
I stumble,I fall, 133 more words

On Forever

There will always be more hearts broken that can’t be mended, left unattended. What do we do?

I could not agree with that old song more.

221 more words

Here, I wring my heart

I get monthly visitors, but instead of stabbing pain, I get an enveloping lethargy and a heavy heart. I thought it best to take advantage of these emotions and scatter them here. 650 more words



If I never get to heaven

Will you still be here for me?

Will you still love me unconditionally?

And if I never get to heaven… 38 more words