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Almond Cupcakes

Most cupcakes I make always involve chocolate so I thought I would try something different and make some almond cupcakes. I love the taste of almonds and these cupcakes were light and nutty, creating a super tasty sweet treat. 226 more words


C'mon, give it a Thai: Candy bars from the Far East

One of the perks of this little adventure I’ve gone on is that my friends seem to love sending me candy bars, especially when they encounter them outside of the borders of the United States of America, be it on a vacation or during a longer-term residence. 750 more words


Blueberry Almond Cake

Berry memories: It was my birthday, a dozen or so years ago. A sudden thunderstorm passed quickly, leaving the country road steaming in the sun. The kids and I ran in the sodden air up the road to a patch of blackberries. 577 more words


Almond, Cashew and Tahini Butter

I was busy making almond and cashew butters yesterday. And while I was at it, I decided to make tahini butter and paste. These are clean, with no preservatives or sugar and so easy to make. 159 more words


Home made Bircher Muesli

Whenever I mention to people that I love yogurt with my muesli, I usually get rather strange looks. But I must tell you that there is nothing more delightful than this amazing combination. 140 more words


Cauliflower Pizza Crust

In case you were wondering, I am not eating any grains anymore. Which makes life interesting. It’s tough to eat at a coffee shop and it’s really hard to order in! 537 more words


Almond and Date Protein Bliss Balls

Public service announcement; I have made a dessert that is purely, honestly, authentically healthy! I had my first ‘bliss ball’ last week after my last exam, and it was an awe-inspiring, eye-opening, life-altering experience. 466 more words