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Fundamentals of Application Lifecycle Management

We have heard Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) a lot.  What does it mean and how can we apply this in our daily life? How do you develop your software. 180 more words


S2- 30: Cracking the Shell

As some of you might know, I play the cello. I recently was sitting in youth choir rehearsal at my church. I noticed that there was a cello accompaniment part to go along with the piece that we were preparing. 278 more words


xSharePointProvisioning Module – PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)

The xSharePointProvisioning module contains DSC resources to provision SharePoint artifacts using the Client Side Object Model (CSOM). There are two versions: one for O365 and ne for SharePoint on premise. 738 more words


Release Management and DevOps with TFS 2013 and future – FAQ

The Subject of Operations (DevOps) it is meanwhile an Hot aspect in the ALM of any application from the point of view of Delivery, Quality, Costs and Reliability. 1,031 more words


Use the DSC Script resource to change the application pool identity

The Desired State Configuration (DSC) module xWebAdministration does not yet support changing the identity of an application pool. There is a community fork cWebAdministration that seems to support it – but I have not tested it yet. 147 more words


Configuring your SharePoint farm for DSC with xSharePointAdministration

Getting the xSharePointAdministration module to work has a lot of gotchas. So I decided to write a separate post for it.

First of all: the xSharePointAdministration module uses the PSSnapin “Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell” for all its work. 504 more words


Automating the Deployment of a Customized Project Web Site Template via PowerShell and the Managed Client Object Model

Assume, you have created a customized web site template for your enterprise project type in the development environment as described here, and now you would like to deploy it into the test farm. 745 more words