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The Earth reality - a mixture of everything

Walking around on the Earth are many different kinds of people expressing various energetic frequencies. You have the hateful, the depressed, the fearful, the joyful, the loving and so on. 547 more words


Living the life of your dreams - a physics lesson

Living the life of your dreams is a simple idea to achieve; you just do what you would love to do. Many of us do however have these mental barriers which doesn’t allow us to move in the direction of our dreams, of our excitement. 743 more words


Investment Partners

Both girls received some cash and Mastermind Toys gift cards for their birthdays. We were at Mastermind looking for a present for another friend, when the kids saw this: 133 more words


There was much practical advice along the way: the value of patience and of waiting; the wisdom in the balance of nature; the eradication of fears, especially the fear of death; the need for learning about trust and forgiveness; the importance of learning not to judge others, or to halt anyone’s life; the accumulation and use of intuitive powers; and, perhaps most of all, the unmistakable knowledge that we are immortal.

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Freedom for Lovers

The word freedom is loaded. I’m not really sure if freedom exists for humans. When we aren’t busy making up rules for everyone else, we’re busy limiting our own capacity. 456 more words

Bigger Picture

Low Pay Woes

Found out that my ‘work’ is for a pittance of money. So before, I was under the
illusion fully that I was being paid by the hour to do the work, and so i was motivated. 414 more words

7 Year Journey To Life

Almost Time for 'THR'

This is a good month. For many reasons, and one of the reasons is because we employees are getting allowance that might not exist in other nations. 504 more words