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Allowance, Chores, Commissions?

Question:  Do you give your kids an allowance, tie allowances to chores or give your children commissions?

Live below your means so you can live your dreams.

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Ron Lieber: Making kids money smart

When it comes to kids and money, there are few topics that cause more confusion for parents than allowances. Alas, most parents, acting on their own or following the lead of others, get allowances wrong. 884 more words

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#10OclockTopic: Incentives For Grades Or Nah? [Poll]

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Show #4. Allowances - Or Show ME the MONEY

This week our show brings on our first Guest Dad, Brian Wright. Brian has 3 kids, two young boys and a early teen daughter!

The guys discuss allowances and money, is it earned or expected?   66 more words


New Tax Break for Couples - Register Now

A new tax break as launched this week from 6 April 2015, which will be eligible to more than 4 million married couples and 15,000 civil partnerships. 112 more words

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In Defence of Jobseekers Allowance

This article seeks to address the concerns of the small but vocal minority of people who see Jobseekers Allowance as a problem, a leach on society. 540 more words


For Busy Parents – How to Get Your Teens to Help Out Willingly

Some teens are more motivated than others. This may be for any number of reasons. Whatever the case may be, you may be searching for ways to get your teen to willingly help out around the house. 605 more words