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Twitter Tuesday:「小巷」#Alley

隱身在各地的小巷子,或許總不如大馬路來得有名,但卻各自擁有許多獨特的風情。這就是本周 #TwitterTuesday的主題「小巷」#Alley。

在你的Flickr相片庫中選一張最棒的相片,透過 Twitter 和大家分享吧!記得加上@Flickr和#TwitterTuesday,很快我們會在這裡刊出佳作。


Photo CC-BY from Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho (flic.kr/p/ewQ9DL)


The Belt. Art by Vhils. Detroit. 

A piece by Vhils featured in The Belt alleyway in Detroit, MI. June 2015.

Robert A. Mitchell

The Broad Avenues of the Bright Dawn

Snapping through the lists

Deleting everything

Running out of ideas

Locking down all avenues of creation

Triggering the answers

When all things are known,

There is nothing left to say… 126 more words

Day 647

Day 647

Sunday 14 June 2015

One of Melbourne’s many famous laneways and alleyways.

Two words – WONDER WOMEN!