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The Expulsion of a Liar's corpse by the Earth- Sahih Bukhari

Sahih Bukhari , Volume 4, Book 56, Number 814:
Narrated Anas:

There was a Christian who embraced Islam and read Surat-al-Baqara and Al-Imran, and he used to write (the revelations) for the Prophet. 182 more words


Abide In The Presence Of God (Truths From Psalm 91.)

Hello lovely ones, its already night here and as God has filled my heart with greater Joy and strength
even though the days of the world continue to grow more darker, but  His light keeps shinning in my heart, so I would love to encourage people who are discouraged and loosed hope thinking there is no where to turn to. 449 more words


Cornwall with the Veil


This is our journey that we are about to share with you, full of excitement, fun, unexpected incidents and unforgettable family fun times. Families who had visited this area before gave many advises as I and my daughter were fully covered from head to toe in our Islamic Veil. 70 more words


Surviving the W trek in the Torres del Paine

5 days of sun, cold, rain, snow, wind and camping. But I survived the W trek in the Torres del Paine national park. The views were spectacular and breathtaking. 116 more words


Brown Sugar BBQ Roasted Chicken

We’ve made it to the fourth and final week of roasted chicken, and we’re just in time for some Memorial Day barbecue. I decided to go with a brown sugar based dry rub, as I am partial to sweeter barbecue than spicy. 163 more words