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With a willingness to maximize your reading experience, I would love to list all the published posts in one place, categorizing them by language – Vietnamese or English. 1,616 more words

Dạ Ly

Again Shall be...

It has been far too long. Seriously. It wasn’t until I sat down and began to write my first review in ages that I realized how much I missed Worm Gear. 439 more words


Darkenhold – Castellum

The term “Castle Metal” is a relatively new one to me. The first time I ever heard it was from Tanner Anderson who half in jest described Obsequiae as being a Castle Metal band. 425 more words


Devilspit - Grim, Hateful, and Drunk

Black metal punk continues to be well-explored in the modern era, but rarely has the style been fleshed outward enough to hold my interest long. Around comes Brittany, France’s Devilspit with a heavy enough dose of originality for me to keep my finger away from the virtual ‘stop’ button on the available stream of it’s second release (and first for Caligari Records), … 281 more words


House of Atreus – The Spear and the Ichor That Follows

While (luckily) few stomach the “views” of Arghoslent, many in the extreme metal scene champion the actual music of the band itself, the band’s mostly mid-tempo galloping riffery finding its inexorably catchy way into misanthropic minds. 448 more words


Kjeld – Skym

With 1 lonely 2010 EP lurking in their back catalog, the Netherlands own Kjeld may not be stirring a prolific stew, but judging by the highly advanced songwriting and strong unification of ferocity and mid-90’s Scandinavian atmosphere, Skym is a mature and very striking release for this quintet. 303 more words


Myrkur – Myrkur

During the Worm Gear hiatus, there have been a lot of albums that have come and gone that at the time I had a lot of opinions about. 638 more words