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Blaze Pizza

A personalized pizza for ~8?

With unlimited toppings of your choice?

Andd it’s thin crust? Sounds great to me!

Blaze is like Chipotle or Subway but for pizza. 57 more words


The Windup Girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi

Bacigalupi transports us to a vivid future Thailand**, struggling to feed its people after agricultural corporations and fast-mutating viruses have decimated the world’s crops. Calories are currency. 289 more words

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Big Bite, Sorry Service

On Friday, April 3rd, I thought to grab a burger and poutine for dinner at The Big Bite in North Point. The Big Bite is a Canada-themed burger joint with buffalo wings, hot dogs, and a fairly extensive craft beer selection. 597 more words

Hong Kong

The Beet Queen, by Louise Erdrich

A quiet, intimate novel about flawed children who become flawed adults, and the role of parents in that transition. The Beet Queen follows a single family across several decades, beginning with child siblings Mary and Karl. 222 more words

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You take the midnight subway train….

You’re callin’ all the shots….

This song has been rotting in my brain and driving me nuts all day, no matter what I play to get it out. 186 more words


Hypothermia – Svartkonst

I have always been curious about this band, but have never pulled the trigger when releases would surface for purchase. When the mood for depressive black metal hits, it is nice to have a variety to pull from, especially if there is a hint of originality arising from the audial misery. 331 more words