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Love Poems: A Collection of Poetry Dedicated to My Love

Happy Memorial Day to you all! If you’ve followed my blog then you’ve seen that my press has undergone some drastic changes over the weekend, it’s all very excited and I’m happy to share my newest writing project with you! 110 more words



I don’t sleep much, but when I sleep, I dream.
I dream of things that I am deprived of in life
like sleep and dreaming and a warm body pressed close to mine. 217 more words

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I see her, walking
sunlight kisses her bare skin
Her skirt, made of silk and dreams
brushes the back of her thighs
skimming and sliding over her. 77 more words


A Sonnet

The world is big with music, latent score

Whose trembling sound grows under corporeal skin.

But when the ocean’s heartbeat bares the shore,

And cat’s-paw dips through grass and sea and sand… 82 more words

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Last Mistake

Monstrous, they said,
they hadn’t the faintest idea.
Horrendous, they said,
they made new rules to save us.
Us, but not me,
not them; 175 more words

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A Moon Night

One of those nights when the moon

Was clear and you could see the

White and grey and feel the

Cold that it leaked.

                I… 39 more words

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Pillars of Creation

In the forest, in the night

Within the light of the celestial spheres

A once great tree lies broken and recanted.

A tree is told like a story is: 175 more words

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