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ZHN Ep. 3 "The Den"

DOWNLOAD: ZHN Ep. 3 “The Den (2013)

Tonight Mike and I discuss the 2013 movie, “The Den”. We talk about having your computer hacked, and your limbs. 22 more words

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SW-OTR Ep. 3 "Lights Out - Chicken Heart"

DOWNLOAD: SW-OTR Ep. 3 “Lights Out – Chicken Heart”

Welcome to episode 3 of “Spider Webs – OTR”. Tonight Skully drips all over all floor as he plays you the most classic of OTR’s, “Lights Out – Chicken Heart”. 32 more words

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Tupacast Ep. 3 – Shaun of the Dead

DOWNLOAD: TupaCast 003 – “Shaun of the Dead”

Shelly and I had the awesome pleasure of recording a TupaCast with my buddy,
C. Tupa! We talk silly and serious about our love for the movie… 27 more words

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Zerbinator's Autumn Album

I can’t leave my good buddy Zerbinator out of this discussion of autumn music.  He has put together a short album of autumn-themed instrumental tracks.  I think the entire album is quite good and even put the track “Autumn” on my autumn playlist.   13 more words

Zerbinator reblogged this on Zerbinator Land and commented:

A BIG thanks to my buddy Doug McCoy for sharing my "Autumn" album on his "Autumnal" blog at: https://autumnalblog.wordpress.com

Dumb Things - Libraries

DOWNLOAD: Dumb Things – Libraries

Doug and I meet in the Ohio ERC to talk about dumb things we did in libraries.  I also give a laundry list of all the wonderful books I found and read in the library. 16 more words

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ZHN Ep. 2 "The Babadook"

DOWNLOAD: ZHN Ep. 2 “The Babadook”

Tonight, Mike G. and me the ~Z~ discuss our thoughts on the independent film that turned HUGE, “ 69 more words

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PSB Ep. 9 "Feel the Love!"

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 9 “Feel the Love!”

Tonight, Ferg and I discuss Jose’s AMAZING spreadsheet for Fergs Atari 2600 Game By Game Podcast. We talk of David Letterman, Zerb’s worst month ever, Bill Murray’s upcoming special, Bad eggs, good lovin’, and much, much, more! 33 more words

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