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A Confession Of Sorts

50 useless facts about me that nobody really needs to know:

#1 I haven’t been able to finish a book since the past three weeks, it’s tragic. 556 more words

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i feel like i’m getting better. i’m in drivers ed and i can drive on big streets, which is a big step considering how long it took me to get my permit. 884 more words

All Of It

Morning at the Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo has a new exhibit called Banyan Wilds where tigers, sloth bears, arguses, and Asian small-clawed otters now reside in more natural, expansive surroundings.  115 more words

Pen & Ink


We are excited to welcome Kim Holden to our Spotlight Feature for the week of June 7th.

Please tune in to A Literary Perusal as we spotlight Kim: 32 more words


She said something..

I wrote this whole thing today: lengthy, many times, about creation and existence as I have come to understand it in my own jargon thus far, and I wanted to share it with an online community I’m part of that is supposedly about all of that, but you know.. 318 more words

I locked up my wife, made a coffee table, and changed my alternator.

Mother’s Day started out with me accidentally locking Lori in our bedroom for two hours while I took the girls to church. My goal was to lock our bedroom door from the outside so the girls wouldn’t bother her. 134 more words

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The Luminescent

I have no idea how it started.

We were crumbling from the very moment we built our lives around each other.

But in all true sense, I have no idea how it started. 814 more words

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