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I locked up my wife, made a coffee table, and changed my alternator.

Mother’s Day started out with me accidentally locking Lori in our bedroom for two hours while I took the girls to church. My goal was to lock our bedroom door from the outside so the girls wouldn’t bother her. 134 more words

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The Luminescent

I have no idea how it started.

We were crumbling from the very moment we built our lives around each other.

But in all true sense, I have no idea how it started. 814 more words

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Breathing in the babel

Breathing in the babel

I was.

But in a box.

Well-structured edges, shiny, polished.

And I walked inside, on the same faces,

In the same motion, indefinitely. 109 more words

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i am currently in france. i’m in a shitty hotel in la defense that only makes your bed, not change the sheets. it doesn’t have a single clock. 53 more words

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Do you accept the challenge?

Fritz, the hubby, and I have decided to do the Advocare 24 Day Challenge to lose some weight and get into shape.  We hope to start early next week, which means that Easter falls in there…yikes!   20 more words

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Here we go...

For fun we are going to start this family blog.  We lead very boring lives, but wanted to start this to journal our memories as well as share exciting times with friends and family who live elsewhere.  Enjoy!

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I unburied this bright drawing recently while cleaning out old files. It is many years old. My only recollection is that it was probably the first brainflash… 134 more words

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