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Inquiry Questions 101 - WHAT IS ART ?

Factual – How has art changed over time ?

Art started off with basic carvings, before we moved on to paintings and sculptures. We started off with basic carvings as a form of art and communication as well like hieroglyphics. 739 more words

All About You

'Sparks' by Hillary Duff

Keeping her singing career in priority over her acting career, Hillary Duff is now pushing her third single off her delayed fifth studio album Breathe In, Breathe Out… 516 more words

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Never Really Shared This - My AMV's

Before I forget: check back this Saturday for my Avengers: Age of Ultron LitFlix, and Sunday for a special Mother’s Day Guest Post by Patrick Sponaugle… 380 more words

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My Photo Montage - What's The Message ?

This is my final product – the photo montage ! I decided to name it “Light Choreography”, because the light seems as if it is dancing. 354 more words

Photography As A Whole

The Art Movement Beside The Photo Montage

Today, we will be discussing about a few art movements that are somehow linked to the photo montage. We will quickly take a look at each work and respond to them. 762 more words

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10 Advantages To Being Single That People In Relationships Don't Get To Experience

Being single is more than what someone can bargain for. Don’t look at me as a hypocrite that is going back and forth between why it’s good to be in love and why it’s good to be single now that I’m single…please. 1,247 more words

Composition Matters

Composition. It’s something that we always incorporate into our photography, yet we never realize that we implement the rules of composition. For me, composition is about the skill of knowing how to seemingly fit each and every element of your scene into a photograph to make it seem stunning and perfectly done. 736 more words

Photography As A Whole