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into the blue...

Into the blue is small 30 x 60 cm painting that I started while a new sunset was drying.

It is so soft and simple. I used lots of white and cerulean blue with a bit of emerald-green and a tiny pinch of yellow ochre. 58 more words

All About Me.

Silly Me. An Indie Author's Lament.

Silly Of me to think that I could ever have you for my guy
How I love you… how I want you…
Silly of me to think that you could ever really want me too…

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All About Me


Birthdays have never been a huge deal to me, even as a kid. Everyone has one, each year passes whether you celebrate it or not. I prefer to take each birthday as a reminder to be kind and gentle with myself, which is why I take every birthday off from work, if possible ( ps- if I ever run a company, employees will get their birthdays off as if it were their own personal national holiday). 473 more words

All About Me

Get Fit In Style

At the beginning of the year I set about embarking on a new fitness regime which you can read all about here. And like any fashion conscious mama I turned to the internet to find myself some new training gear. 308 more words

Bits & Bobs

Business Blurb Before Bed

Hello blog

my midnight snack

my devilish retina burning time sap

It’s nearing midnight and I want to write.  About what?  I don’t know.  But something always comes and I end up with red scratchy eyes in the morning. 795 more words


Tuesday ... Rambling About Many Things ... Insight About Others

Courtesy: The Gargoyle – Nothing like a little vertigo !!!

We thought that the weather was going to get better, tonight, it snowed. It was cloudy when we started the meeting, and there was inches of snow on the ground when we left. 1,300 more words


Junior Year 2013-2014

Now this blog entry is going to be different from my freshmen and sophomore year entries because there is really only one trimester of hair activity to talk about. 905 more words

Natural Hair