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Recipe: Apple Pie

Why is an Indian living in Australia baking an apple pie for America’s Independence Day?

Here’s why…

The 4th of July has special significance for me. 741 more words

Alison Rodericks

Leap Second

You know the phrase ‘Time and tide waits for no man’? Here’s the exception.
Synchronise your watches – because when the clock struck midnight (GMT), it had to do it TWICE. 317 more words

Alison Rodericks

Recipe: Orange & Poppyseed Cupcakes

Zest /zɛst/ (noun)
Excitement; energy; enthusiasm e.g. zest for life.

Today, I’m thinking of the other ‘zest’ – the peel of citrus fruit like oranges and lemons. 417 more words

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Revenge Porn

“Mum, why don’t you just Google it?”
Bet your kids say this to you every time they have a question you can’t answer.
What did we do before Google? 483 more words

Alison Rodericks

The Sound of Silence

A minute’s silence.
That was all that was expected from the crowd at last night’s State of Origin match at the G. (If you’re outside Australia, “the G” is the hallowed Melbourne Cricket Ground, also called the MCG; as for State of Origin, just Google it, okay?) 567 more words

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Recipe: Pistachio Pesto

For the first nine years of my life, we lived in my Nana’s house in Bandra, Bombay (Mumbai). Picture this: a typical Catholic household flanked by Muslims on one side and Hindus on the other. 347 more words

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Apple-Picking Adventures

Fact: Spur-of-the-moment plans are the best.
As we tucked the kids into bed last night, they asked, “What are we doing tomorrow?”
“Er… what do you want to do?” I countered. 291 more words

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