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“Evolution. It is the process that took us from single celled organisms, to being the dominant menu option for our alien invaders.”

Image For Friday

Two eldritch horrors or maybe an edgy reimagining of the Yip-Yip aliens.

Cosmos… Cosmoooooooosss. Yip-yipyip, yip-yip-yip-yep-yep-yip-yip-yip.

alien theory II: implanting heroes

Far in the future (hopefully) industrious aliens land on earth, specifically North America. While conducting homestead research, their sublocators are drawn to human skeletons.

Locator data reveals a periodic match: The dust that formed earth (billions of years ago) originating as silicone and oxygen (from exploding stars) has also been found in female bones on the east and west coast. 137 more words

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indiana wandering

i did have a chance yesterday, to explore somewhat, the “Ultraviolet Apocalypse” that is the Mount Carmel Shrines. i was wholly creeped-out the entire time and missed plenty if you want to take a look at the roadside america article about the joint… 50 more words

Why Webb Wilder is Cooler Than You Thought

Because he was also a private eye and featured in a short movie about flying saucers!



After years of studying and watching and waiting and traveling, we landed. The planet was the most beautiful one we’d ever seen. The trees were more plentiful and lush than those of Earth. 60 more words

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