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Silk Skull

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Silk Skull

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HMF#023 The Alien by HeroCross

One of the most elegant monster designs of all time, HeroCross has recreated the original Alien in Hybrid Metal Figuration form. The main part of the body is made by Hybrid Metal and it has 30 joints, the unique black carapace is made of Plastic and Metal to create more natural look. 55 more words

Hero Cross

The in-betweeners

Something strange happens to me. I go to this place, the closet in my head, where I can’t read or write or even watch television the most passive of things to do. 567 more words


Gray Conspiracy

They put Jack McRoy on ice because he had a brain tumor, but that was a lie; they just needed someone to experiment on. Actually, they put Jack in a tank. 551 more words

Speculative Fiction

A Personal Ramble - [Exploring Genres]

In general, my humble opinion is that space operas are the source of bloody-tears boredom…and dread. I don’t like the idea of a future where I’m in a sterile metal box, floating in space, wondering whether I’ll ever see a sky, ocean or forest again. 357 more words


Hello Aliens: Greetings from Planet Faerie

I wonder how many people started a blog after watching the television series “Awkward.” Me.

So I can’t poke fun at all the rest of you who did the same. 278 more words


Worldly Encounters ~ Contradictions

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt Worldly Encounters.
The friendly, English-speaking extraterrestrial you run into outside your house is asking you to recommend the one book, movie, or song that

896 more words
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