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To See Them Drift Away.

It’s painful. To watch the person you love slowly drift away from you. Perhaps the most difficult thing to go through. You burn inside. You want to shout. 337 more words


Alien: Jump Scare Champion of the World| Alien Isolation Walkthrough | Part 15

In this episode of Alien Isolation, I discover the utter crap that is this game’s save system, watch the alien wreck some more people’s shit, continue my epic game of hide-n-seek, and get scared out of my mind. 48 more words


Artificial Love?

Word Count: Approx 7600 (18 pages at 12pt)
Sub genre: AI, Robotics, Romance, Action and Adventure, Alien.
Main story theme: Evolution of artificially intelligent life. 7,820 more words


Alien illumination

I knew it….

Aliens are not only real – and green – they’ve also arrived on Earth. At least this one landed amid the lava rocks in my garden, where I was lucky to trap it with a special traction-beam alien-illumination desk lamp, pressed into protection service for the first time today to save the household from an outer-worldly invader.

Wood Work

The Feast of St Arkansas

I’m in a large house. J is meeting a drummer. We discuss the feast of St Arkansas, while preparing potatoes. New potatoes, newer potatoes, newest potatoes. 72 more words


NASA - Never A Straight Answer!

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

NASA – Never a Straight Answer cut the live feed from the space station!  And the the Critics are saying this: 240 more words

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Guess Who Gets Wrecked | Alien Isolation Walkthrough | Part 14

In this episode of Alien Isolation, I try and make my way back to be stupid crewmates, play hide and seek with an alien, meet up with our old robotic friends, and learn why you should always, always look up. 49 more words