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Alien In The Sky

Alien face in the night

Up in the sky above

It’s eyes shinning bright

Looking down upon us

Is he watching in wonder

Perhaps watching over us… 75 more words


Happy St. Valvoline's Day!

Branding! That’s what it’s all about! I mentioned last month that Ken and his daughter set up a Suncoast Diecasters Facebook page. They use a cropped version of our Fifth Anniversary Club Vehicle ”family photo” as the wallpaper (or banner, or header). 1,064 more words


New 'Alien' Installment Coming Soon! 

Neill Blomkamp is set to direct the next Alien movie, and it sounds like match made in Sci-Fi heaven. With great films such as District 9 and Elysium under his belt, along with the recent addition of Chappie, Blomkamp intends to return the franchise back to a “…Freudian kind of nightmare.” 20th Century Fox went on record to say it has green lit the project. 215 more words


( note, this writing is partially satirical, and metaphorical)


Spirit X is a different kind of genius…

Usually, there are two types of geniuses: the first visionary sees a substantial amount in a particular spectrum, while the second can percieve elements of many spectrums -though this doesn’t mean that he or she has a general or sporadic understanding; the 2nd visionary sees the potential unification of all spectrums. 1,048 more words


Wander Into a Magritte Painting While Masturbation-Charging Your Phone: Links You Need to See

Though painting may be undergoing an identity crisis in the conceptual/multimedia art era, there’s no doubt that for patrons of the arts, the form provides a necessary way for us to detach from the phantasmagoria of ever-morphing digital images and just stare at, say, a gorgeously rendered apple (or, hell, a whole basket of them!). 435 more words

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