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Wine Myths and Why They SHOULD Make You Tired, Too

In which some knucklehead in Philadelphia makes some patently fraudulent claims and I…uh…don’t really take it all that well…

“Of the top 30 wine brands in the United States, not a single one of them grows, produces and bottles its own wines…the cold hard fact is that the juice within is just a trademark coupled with a savvy marketing plan…”The consumer doesn’t know. 2,289 more words


Action 726 - Superman vs Barrage

Barrage had been a regular, ineffective enemy of Maggie Sawyer for the past few years, and makes his first appearance in this book in Action 726, by Michelinie, Morgan and Rodier. 136 more words

Action 664 - Jurassic Superman

Stern and McLeod continue with chapter five of Time and Time Again in Action 664 (April 1991).

Superman is now stuck in the time of the dinosaurs, and makes the most of it for a few pages.  183 more words

Action 656 - Superman and the Black Racer go to hell

The Soul-Search story arc begins in Action 656 (Aug. 90), as Stern, McLeod and Breeding send Superman to hell to save the souls of Jimmy Olsen and Jerry White. 181 more words

Action 461 - Everybody loves Clark Kent, and Perry White's newsboy days

Bates, Swan and Blaisdel continue the Karb-Brak storyline in Action 461 (July 1976).

Karb-Brak is on the verge of attacking Steve Lombard comes flying in to intercept the alien.  255 more words

SPOTLIGHT: Youthful Pre-Code Young (II)

Welcome to a new Film Friday and the continuation of our spotlight series on the Pre-Code work of the beautiful Loretta Young (1913-2000), whose work we’ve never covered before here on Film Friday! 820 more words