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"Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers"

Ah yesterday was National Garlic Day but who knew until today? So I’m posting this fabulous film which seems to be online if only temporarily, by the wonderful filmmaker… 40 more words

Short Films

Two chocolate cakes

I only just recently happened upon these two chocolate cakes, and already they are indispensable.

Until now I had little need for chocolate cake. I rarely make it, because I rarely crave it; when, about once a year, I do long for a chocolate dessert, I bake these really good… 561 more words


Alice Waters' Simple Food

What is Simple Food? Star Chef Alice Waters was asked this question at an afternoon talk at the Berlin Film Festival about her latest cookbook. 455 more words



It’s beginning to be the season for fresh strawberries in California, but not here in New Mexico where we still anticipate at least one more hard freeze. 599 more words


Potato Leek Chowder Today, Breakfast Soup Tomorrow!

Yesterday was so North-East March: sunny and hopeful but ultimately windy and still cold! After shlepping our compost to the Green Market and playing “ice fetch” with Caesar in the park for and hour, we needed to eat something warm, filling and satisfying: Potato Leek Soup… with bacon. 548 more words

Linquine alla Puttanesca

Linguine of the whore! Desirable, naughty and easy (like a whore should be), this dish is worth your fall from grace. There are conflicting stories about the origins of the dish, all of which suggest no connections to prostitutes. 187 more words

Braised Leek with Chickpeas, Saffron and Marjoram

Today’s recipe is brought to you by this lonely leftover leek.

This leek has a story, as many of my leftovers do. It traveled back from Central New York, where Matt and I spent the Presidents’ Day holiday weekend. 612 more words