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Sane, balanced and grounded.

Yesterday I said that my housemate was, “exceptionally sane, balanced and grounded.” Afterwards, I got this comment: “Write some more about the characteristics of the person you think is “exceptionally sane, balanced and grounded.” More details, please. 667 more words


The Future Depends On How We Treat Our Children

My second quote in the challenge is this one above from Alice Miller.

It has become a part of our culture, it seems, to habitually humiliate children. 258 more words


Tim Hunt and 'Women in The Lab': Some Thoughts on Crying

Tim Hunt (Nobel Prize winner for Medicine) has got himself into some hot water by saying at a conference that ‘women in the lab’ are a problem because they fall in love with you, you fall in love with them, and when you criticize them, they cry. 1,146 more words

Weekly Reflections At St. John's Montreux

On Being Brave

Today I watched Professor Alice Miller’s TEDTalk on her transition. She recounted her life stories with so much grace and dignity—retelling her confusion in her Princeton days, brimming with pride as she mentions her kids, remembering her share of struggles during/after transition. 257 more words

Alice Miller

Μαυρη Παιδαγωγικη - Alice Miller

“…Παντα αφηνε το να πιστευει οτι ειναι ο αφεντης, ενω θα εχεις τον ελεγχο παντοτε εσυ. Η ιδεωδης μορφη της υποτελειας ειναι εκεινη που διατηρει την επιφαση της ελευθεριας · η ιδια η θεληση γινεται αιχμαλωτη…”


Dear Bob Cunis

One of the things I did when up was up in Auckland for the writers’  festival was meet my friend Donald for breakfast one morning, on K Road, just after I had fallen over while walking to meet him. 1,339 more words


Finalists for The Sarah Broom Poetry Prize 2015



The judges are delighted to announce the three finalists for the Sarah Broom Poetry Prize 2015.

The prize attracted almost 200 entries from across the spectrum of New Zealand poets, from the new and emerging to the established and the iconic. 878 more words

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