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The world and it's illness

The world is a sick place. Society is ridden with a terrible disease. It is a disease of the mind, the disease of evil. But it’s time with humanity will not last forever. 471 more words


El padre del piloto

Hacía tiempo que no coincidía en un ascensor con un desconocido y éste me hacía un comentario repentino sobre alguna noticia trágica, como incapaz de contener su estado de shock y necesitado de compartir, aunque sea con un extraño, su estupor ante la idea de que ciertas cosas puedan, de hecho, ocurrir. 642 more words


Amour ou fusion?

Amour ou fusion? C’est un choix. 

Même si je ne vais pas jusqu’à affirmer une mutuelle exclusivité entre amour et fusion, je postule néanmoins que l’amour a un effet antifusionnel et que dans toute vraie relation d’amour chaque partenaire évolue dans la connaissance de soi et dans l’autonomie, ainsi transformant ses désirs fusionnels latents, que l’on peut appeler des désirs morts, en désirs vivants. 1,070 more words

French Blog

A Little Story About Nightmares ...

Need to share a little story for anyone who suffers from nightmares as I had since I was a little girl. So violent and scary, they began tormenting me around the age of five when my bedroom was in the basement of our home. 367 more words

Connecting The Dots ... With The RESPECT PRINCIPLE

Gifted Children, Parental Conflicts

Alice Miller, The Drama of the Gifted Child, 1981, 101

Often a child’s very gifts (his great intensity of feeling, depth of experience, curiosity, intelligence, quickness–and his ability to be critical) will confront his parents with conflicts that they have long sought to keep at bay by means of rules and regulations.   57 more words



It’s not personal, Folks, but I think I have to separate myself, I think I have to stop hoping that people might ever find me by searching for “parenting.” You’ll find a lot of people, and a lot of blogs, books, advice, bloggers with thousands, even hundreds of thousands of followers, but from a random sampling of the content, it’s all “parenting,” and in the overwhelming number of cases it’s all synonymous with “control.” I hope I’m not hurting feelings here, but be forewarned: if that’s what you’re talking about I’m not going to follow you. 728 more words