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Simple Mold Making Day~

The day is happy when Studio Moon NY (me!) makes  some simple molds ( a couple times a month) ~

I make a lot of molds of everyday items that I feel I can ultimately use in a vingnette or any other piece. 129 more words

Studio Moon NY Mixed Media Vingnettes And Jewelry

3D; Plaster and Clay

During the last two weeks, I have been taught how to use clay, plaster and alginate. I experimented with different tools and equipment to create marks and 3D shapes, producing interesting outcomes and designs. 474 more words


Cloning Myself! (Not really)

This week I’ve been working in the 3D department, exploring with different materials, such as: clay, plaster and alginate. However I wanted to show how I experimented with alginate mould and the process I used. 228 more words


Moving Forward

The foundry piece I have been documenting throughout this blog is just about ready for patina but as I am finishing it up (I will post pictures soon) I have several more projects to start. 269 more words



Not claiming to be a master but I am experienced with alginate face casts, the only thing I haven’t taken a cast of so far is ears – both separately and as part of a life cast. 2,075 more words