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ALGERIA: Université Constantine 3 Faculté de Médecine

Cité Chalet des Pins

Awards Docteur en Médecine
Curriculum: 6 years


ALGERIA: Université Badji Mokhtar d'Annaba Faculté de Médecine

B.P. 205 Route de Zaâfrania
23000 Annaba

Awards Docteur en Médecine
Curriculum: 7 years


I Could Pass as a Berber..

I have a colleague from Algeria! Wonderful gentleman with a sense of humour that will leave you stunned half of the time. In a good way. 160 more words

28 Names That Glorify God: An Example of African Praise Poetry

Shona praise poetry is referred to in Shona as nhetembo dzemadzinza, which means clan praise poetry. In the Shona traditional context, it was the medium for expressing genuine and heartfelt sentiments of appreciation, homage and gratitude for any commendable action done by someone to his/her relatives or even non-relatives. 513 more words

Gospel Centered Life