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Nerdery at its finest (unboxing Amazon Echo)

I fully admit that the Amazon Echo is a product which may prove to be any number of bad things. On one end of the scale, it could just be a waste of money; something which gathers dust and is never used once the polish has worn off (I’m looking at you, Siri). 334 more words

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Alexa - #61

Alexa - The existence of beautiful things that stutter up the engine that churns out poetry, things so sublime that words come flowing out and leave no space for any disguise. 50 more words


Day 225 / Family Time

My mom and brother came into town this weekend for my niece Lily’s 8th birthday. This morning we all – my sister’s family, my mom and brother, his girlfriend, and my family – met up for brunch before they headed back to Houston. 113 more words

Round and round the Mulberry bush

In DAYDREAM BELIEVER Eve, the heroine, undergoes a Series of Unfortunate Events that means she has to sell or give away her most cherished possessions.  One that gives her particular grief to part with is her beloved Mulberry Alexa in oxblood.   303 more words

#90) Gall bladders and crazy relatives (or why likes are the new calories)

What do the removal of my wife’s gall bladder and Facebook comments by an odd cousin have to do with each other?

I’ll get to that in a bit, but first let’s start with a simpler question. 686 more words

Stripes and Sweaters

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d talk quickly since London Fashion Week has just passed, and I could not be more jealous of all those who attended. 914 more words

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I Had No Idea: How great recovery would feel..

I had no idea how great recovery would feel..

Like most, I kept my eating disorder a secret for about two years. I cannot remember the exact date but I will never forget the day I reached out for help. 552 more words

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