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I Have Little Desire To Be On WordPress

Most bloggers are aware of the fact, that WordPress is, the number one blog site in the blogosphere (And, I genuinely believe that they are going to remain in the number one position for a very long time to come). 1,033 more words


The Amazon Echo!

I have had the Amazon Echo since early June, and I have to say it is pretty darn cool! The Echo is similar to Siri, but it is NOT the same thing. 180 more words



Great news! According to the reputable Alexa ranking system today, my blog was the 814th most accessed site from Luxembourg. So out of the teemingly uncountable* domains on the planet, a few sites like Amazon and YouTube are more popular. 83 more words

Getting Known

Amazon’s Alexa voice service is now open for third-parties to use in their products

Amazon is making Alexa – the voice recognition technology powering itsEcho home assistant – open to thirds party developers and manufacturers with a new set of software tools and $100 million in funding to support start-ups working on improving voice-guided technologies. 288 more words

Business & Marketing

Sometimes it takes the biggest lens to shoot the tiniest things.

When it comes to photographing small things up close, macro lenses and diopters are the obvious tools to make sure the job gets done correctly. But every once and a while a curve ball is thrown into the mix that has me changing plans and solving problems last minute. 218 more words

Original Content

Amazon launches a $100 million fund to support the AI brain behind its Echo device

Amazon has taken the cloud-based intelligence behind its voice-controlled Echo device and is offering it up free to anyone who wants to use it. And to show how serious it is, it is also launching a $100 million investment fund, which already has made seven investments. 620 more words