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Alex: On Florianopolis

Florianopolis reminded me a bit of Byron bay, port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour rolled together with some Brazilian bohemian surf culture. I had heard great things about Florianopolis, from both Brazilians and those who had visited. 282 more words


Alex: On Rio de Janeiro

Accommodation in Rio during Carnaval was EXPENSIVE. We were looking at $90 each per night for a bed in a 12 person dorm. So, in our desperation, we opted for staying at an Air BnB with two random (husband and wife) Rio locals. 542 more words


Alex: On Iguazu Falls

We arrived Puerto Iguazu late in the evening, exiting the taxi and stepping into the jungles immobilising humidity and choir of insects in surround sound. Our hostel was a strange place, much like the town itself. 311 more words


Alex: On Valparaiso

Valparaiso is such a wonderful place – a cultural hub thriving on creativity from the past and absolutely within the present. 376 more words


Alex: On Santiago

Sorry for the lack of blogging everyone! Between the jet lag, endless legs on all forms of transport, partying and humidity I’ve been lagging a bit in the mental energy department. 365 more words


Salesianum boys bring home 10th straight state title

Charter School of Wilmington’s Henry Rogatz (right) hugs Concord’s Gerasimos Veneris after the 200 yard freestyle championship final at the state boys swimming championships at the University of Delaware. 1,820 more words


Trivia Train a' pullin' In

Link to today’s strip.

Well, it’s another Sunday time-waster starring Owen.  I recognize that’s a really redundant statement, but like that fetid chullo, there it is. 553 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky