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Hudi Who?

Danielle and Seth Hudi have started their lives together in marriage. I am elated. On March 13th, 2015 I had the esteemed privilege of hosting the matrimony between Danielle and Seth Hudi. 332 more words


Comic Post #006: Developing a Routine

You thought I was only going to be updating the comic on Saturdays, didn’t you? WELL GUESS WHAT, THIS ONE IS TWO DAYS EARLY BITCHES! (Which is kind of the reason why I said just to expect weekly updates, not updates on specific days: BECAUSE SOMETIMES I’M ACTUALLY ON THE BALL WHEN IT COMES TO THIS COMIC!)


Bright Days

A poem to the good days,
Where life sticks in place.
Where friends laugh in chorus,
In sinking summer Sun.

Makes way for the moonlight, 68 more words


Dark Days

What of Springs and Summers,
If one cannot feel the warm air?
Why for rays on morning’s curtains,
If one cannot see them?

Why waste time with cut grass, 38 more words



Dreaming, dreaming,


While clouds continue drifting,

While darkness shrouds the edges,

Of my peripheral vision.

Walking, walking,


On paths well spun with cotton, 32 more words



El día 24 de marzo del 2015 ha venido un señor de la Cruz Roja para explicar de qué trata la organización en la que trabaja y cómo podemos ayudar. 198 more words