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Big Game

A 13 year old Finnish boy, Oskari (Onni Tommila), is sent into the forest to prove his hunting prowess as a test of his manhood. However, he finds a bigger prize than he expected when he comes across an escape pod from Air Force One containing a recently evacuated president (Samuel L Jackson). 318 more words



Today marks 70 years since Nazi Germany admitted defeat in World War Two and surrendered unconditionally to the allies. Downfall documents the final days of the Third Reich inside Hitler’s bunker, based on the diaries of his secretary, Traudl Junge. 676 more words


The Good Lie

This is the story of a group of children whose tribe in Sudan is torn apart by war. With the village adults murdered by soldiers, the children are forced to walk hundreds of miles to a refugee camp, eventually emigrating to start a new life in the USA. 440 more words


Shaun the Sheep the Movie

Shaun the Sheep and his sheep pals are getting sick of the routine of farm life, so in a clever scheme they imprison the farmer and run riot. 368 more words


Rocky Balboa

And so we reach the final instalment of the Rocky franchise (so far). Rocky’s back in his Philadelphia neighbourhood and Adrian’s kicked the bucket in the intervening years, meaning Balboa now runs a restaurant with photos of his dead wife creepily plastered on every wall. 473 more words


Changing Lanes

This film follows Samuel L Jackson and Ben Affleck on the worst day of their lives since Jackson didn’t win an Oscar and Affleck said yes to… 240 more words


Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Ten years after the show was axed, the cast is re-assembled for a big-screen outing. A strange entity is heading for Earth, threatening the planet’s very existence, and with the newly-fitted Enterprise the only ship in the area, Admiral Kirk (William Shatner) must re-assume control of his old vessel and investigate. 388 more words