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How Do the Dying Make Friends?

Humans quake and humans wander;
But none in mourning parades do ponder —
How a dying man makes friends

Silent are our minds and thoughts — 131 more words


Wise Up

My brain has been all over the place lately. Strangely, sobriety feels more difficult these past couple of weeks than it did earlier on. What’s up with that?! 260 more words


Alcoholic propaganda

One would think that campaigns against drunk driving, choosing sober drivers for groups, helping to keep your drunk friends out of the water, etc is a positive thing.  1,208 more words


All in the Family

My dad quit drinking in 1985. I grew up knowing that he was active in AA and had come from a long line of alcoholics. When… 421 more words

Sober Thoughts


As a child I was afraid of everything. I suffered night terrors, nightmares and what I’m convinced was ghosts or spirits. Either that or I couldn’t differentiate between being awake and asleep. 668 more words

Native American's and the Alcoholic Myth

It’s a terrible stereotype that Native American’s like to drink “fire water” and stumble through life drunk. It is true that alcohol and drugs are life obstacles for many urban and reservation Indians. 641 more words


See This Through

I survived my first Sober Vacation.

I’m going to get real, here.

I loved not waking up with a hangover, but the days were long and the nights were late and I felt like I couldn’t keep up! 477 more words

Self Reflection