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High Levels of Arsenic Found in 83 Bottles of Wine Sold in California

More than 1,300 bottles of wine from 28 wineries were tested. Arsenic levels were five times higher than the legal dose in 83 bottles.

The following brands and types of wine have reportedly been named in the lawsuit.

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Ebb & Flow

A bit of radio silence, sorry about that!

What’s new on my end? Well, today is Day 34. That feels like a lot of days. I am still on… 403 more words

Sober Thoughts

What Was In This Mysterious "Cure" For Alcoholism?

The most famous medical man dedicated to treating alcoholism was Leslie Keeley, who operated the Keeley Institute and sold Keeley’s Gold Cure. When patients got the facility they were given a nice room, encouragement, and four shots of “gold bichloride” a day.

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Dear Dad....

Hi again, firstly I have to say sorry that I told you to “fuck off” the other night in a dream where you came into a room when I was trying to cook sausages in a bath, surprising they actually did cook! 619 more words

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Days Gone By

I made it! I have gone 30 days without one drop of alcohol and tomorrow is brand new territory. It’s likely going to be pretty anticlimactic, but that’s okay! 598 more words

Sober Thoughts

Time Is On My Side

Remember that fundraising event I RSVP’d too? I was so excited to go and mingle and be supportive and sober.

I am not currently feeling that way. 175 more words

Early Sobriety

Bad Reputation

When you live in a country where a majority of its people aren’t Caucasian, you’re confronted with a lot of stereotypes about westerners. Most often, those preconceived notions are fairly negative. 731 more words

My Life In Taiwan