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Wake Up

Part of the why I’m writing this is to hold myself accountable. L tells me that it’s just not enough to have her put me in check, let alone hold myself to any rules. 270 more words


Hard to find a place where there are no walls

On February 7th I made the decision to stop drinking. On February 14th I received my white chip from AA. Giving up drinking is something that is long overdue for me. 283 more words

Dangerously Curvy

Discovering the Family Secrets

It was in the middle of August, 2014 when I was reading a book on ways to improve my romantic relationship; not because my relationship needed any kind of enhancements, but because I wanted to be prepared with strategies to fix any possible issues that may arise in the future with my partner. 538 more words



Something is falling flat. Something is lacking some shine.

It’s almost as if I got off the road, walked in the front door, and all the progress I’d made within myself for the past week was undone. 125 more words

So I’m standing in criminal court the other day signing my life away to the probation office and I noticed everyone staring at me and wondering what the hell I was doing there. 364 more words


The $17 calamity

At the end of that month I got a report from Mort’s dad that the doctors at the rehab recommended that Mort stay at the facility at least another three months to which his dad was fully willing to support. 346 more words

The Abyss

15-09 Story 2: Addiction: Why it happens and how to help addicts back from the edge


Synopsis: Millions of Americans are addicted to alcohol and drugs, and many of them end up unemployed, broken away from their families and homeless. We talk to a psychologist about the causes of addiction, and why some people are more likely to fall to it than others, and find out how an author who is battling alcohol and drug addiction made his journey to sobriety, and the lessons he learned on the way. 2,440 more words

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