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Medtime vs. Bedtime

I am trying to keep myself amused at bedtime by playing with my own shadow. Almost like Peter Pan. It meshes with my nightstand lamp to create this light reflection off of my mirror, which ironically wouldn’t be there without my shadow. 1,127 more words

Trapped in the fog...

I teach my students and the ones I sponsor to journal in order to get out of their heads. I never ask them to do anything that I have not done or I’m not willing to do myself. 873 more words


Hitting a Bottom

They say every alcoholic must first hit a bottom before they can begin their journey in recovery. Not all bottoms have to be as hard as loosing everything they have. 401 more words


something a little better

Remember when I made that amazing broiled grapefruit? That grapefruit had been drizzled with Mike’s Hot Honey and sprinkled with ground ginger. Broiled grapefruits really are far superior to regular grapefruits. 220 more words


My struggle with depression and alcohol dependency

Like many writers and musicians, I am a depressive alcoholic with an obsessive streak. Unlike many of them, this parlous state of affairs has led me to attempt suicide. 610 more words

How to consider the pub culture

Social, alcoholic or both? This might be the question hanging in your mind for a long time upon your arrival in London. This post will take you through both perspectives in details. 622 more words


Letter from an Alcoholic

You make me happy when you’re there
But when you’re gone I feel sad.
And even though you can be with me,
You can make me really mad. 106 more words