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Lubrication for the Spinning Cycles.

When I drink alcohol, when I take a hit of weed, I put up with momentary discomfort for later, longer-term gain.

Still, the nature of the two certainly differ. 268 more words

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Paleo Cherry-Watermelon-Kombucha "Jell-O" Shots (Adult and Kid Friendly)

While on Facebook this week, I came across the¬†instructions for making “XXL Watermelon Jell-O Shots” and I would be lying if I didn’t click right on that link ( 611 more words


Life Stories: Nearly Monday...

It’s been a pretty great weekend and week. Shame it’s nearly over. But hey new week will bring more adventures, laughs, sniggers, stories to tell. I am lucky that I have a few friends that make my world spin so effortlessly. 207 more words

Round Ice Ball Maker

I do not know how I have managed to have this amazing item for SO long and not told you all about it. I’ve already been telling people in town and on my personal Facebook page about this! 553 more words



Nightfall led the way to a much deserved rest but the charging dark beckoned for a detour. A beaten path embellished in shades of pines called forth into the silence and those that hearkened to the charms of its rustle did find its hidden treasure. 93 more words



Last night I did something that could actually have bad repercussions in my life. As always with this sort of thing alcohol was involved because alcohol makes people stupid and makes people make stupid decisions and say stupid things. 46 more words