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I’m aware this has been circulating the great wide interwebs for some considerable amount of time, and that it has been widely reblogged, and, that I have read this at least twice in the past two years with something akin to lustful “if only” eyes. 84 more words


My daddy came home drunk
a couple nights a week
angry and screaming
my mother’s name on his lips
telling her that he knew
of all the dirty things she did… 229 more words


Happy & Healthy

I went to a concert yesterday. I had brought the ticket months ago and saved up hard for it. My little girl was tucked up in bed with grandma so I thought why not have a good time? 220 more words


Sometimes You have to let go of what you want, To get what you need.

Everybody has their weakness. There is always that one thing that you cannot let go of or that bad habit that you cannot seem to shake off. 572 more words

Notes: Resources on Wine Making!

Hey all,

We’re going to continue our latest series in highlighting some great resources for novice and expert kitchen scientists alike.  Today we’re going to look at some great resources for home wine making. 408 more words

Alcoholic Beverages

Study: People Look Hotter After 1 Drink, But Not 2

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – People look good after a drink but not two, a new study finds.

Participants in the study were found to be more attractive after one glass of wine, but not after a second, compared to when they were sober. 330 more words


Impending Room Checks Cause Underclassmen to Decide Drugs and Alcohol Just Aren’t Worth It

With Spring Break on the horizon, impending room checks have made freshman Allyson Borscht decide that booze and drugs simply aren’t worth the risk. Stories of her conversion started circulating after finding huge piles of paraphernalia in the dumpster outside her building. 259 more words