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Unshaped_Ahead - Baul

Unshaped_Ahead is the music project of DImos Vryzas, and this first (from what I gather) album release “Baul” is an immersive mosaic of tunes based on his very unique and captivating musical storytelling style. 77 more words

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Johnny Carbonaras

The excellent debut album by Johnny Carbonaras (a five piece band from Thessaloniki, Greece) is an energetic and high spirited – in every sense of the word… 80 more words


Mechanimal - Mechanimal

A gloomy, dark but also melodically poetic mechanical animal is walking down the bleak urban landscape, emitting its lyrical stories and electric sounds. The music here reflects the history & characters of the bands’ main collaborators – electronic rock with dark-wave origins blending spoken-word with electricity and electronics, into a riveting, dramatic epic of ten parts. 39 more words

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Sancho 003 - Muzga

Three years after their first album, Sancho 003 return with “Muzga” which has sort of a mystical cinematic, soundtrack-ish quality to it. Mostly recorded live by the duo (Titos Kariotakis and Hristos Harbilas) the soundscapes the listener is invited to traverse may seem at first kind of desolate, but with each passing moment a subtle sonic narrative emerges, consisting of their strings, electric guitars & pedals – welcoming and open to interpretation. 52 more words

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Kid Flicks - Hearts Of Gold

Kid Flicks’ music truly defies categorization and/or accurate description – other than beautifully captivating creative musical self-expression. “Hearts Of Gold” consists of material produced between 2008-2011 in his very unique way and style – from conception to expression. 43 more words

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Mary And The Boy - Timemachine

This most genuinely experimental duo, present in Timemachine (their second album) a selection of somewhat diverse tracks ranging from lo-fi synth experimental “pop” (!) to probably disturbing to some noise/phonetic compositions bordering what could be considered “subversive”. 49 more words

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drog_A_tek - Homeland (O​.​S​.​T​.​)

I’ve always had a special love for movie soundtracks. Music there seemed to be more abstract, the compositions roomy, the melodies plain and in general somewhat “open to interpretation”. 138 more words

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