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Review: Senses Fail - Pull The Thorns From Your Heart.

Senses Fail release new album, Pull The Thorns From Your Heart through Pure Noise Records this week, and releasing news they’ll be touring the UK with Counterparts in October with it and so this is good record to give a listen to right now. 267 more words

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Album Review: Envy - Atheist's Cornea

When Envy began to veer from thrash-punk into less rigid forms of post-rock, post-hardcore, post-punk, post-whatever, it wasn’t an easy pill for fans to swallow. Some thought that Envy’s days as a forward-thinking rock band were gone, that they were satisfied to do a victory lap by… 310 more words

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Album Review: Veruca Salt - Ghost Notes

It’s unlikely that Veruca Salt’s original lineup of Nina Gordon, Louise Post, Steve Lack, and Jim Shapiro ever imagined influencing bands 20 years in the future. 561 more words

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The Wailin' Smithers - The Wailin' Smithers

You got past the name? You got the joke? Appreciated the pun? Good. Now let’s focus on the music…well, maybe we should go back to that band name again: The Wailin’ Smithers. 470 more words

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Album Review: Tad Morose, St. Demonius

Giving us proof that the high flying metal styles of the 80’s, a la Iron Maiden and Judas Priest have not faded into nothingness, St. Demonius, the new album from Sweden’s Tad Morose, brings classic, hard hitting guitars and operatic vocals to an album that is dark from the opening chord…

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[REVIEW] Lindemann - Skills In Pills


In previous albums that have been released in years gone by, we have seen two colossal musical minds meeting and making an album – I am referring mainly to Storm Corrosion (2012) here as it’s the only collaboration, in recent years, which has an absurd amount of hype surrounding it, or the only one I know. 850 more words

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New: Sails - Coastal Mixtape II

Last year, the one-man vibe machine that is Sails dropped an excellent mixtape of whirrs and beeps. After about six months, that whole shebang has gotten the remix treatment from some of Oz’s best and brightest producers. 98 more words

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