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Album Review: Goatsnake - "Black Age Blues"

There’s a sea full of bands that play heavy, riff-laden jams that bleed into the metal category labeled as either “doom” or “stoner.” Goatsnake is no different, but they were one of the first bands to attack their listeners with classic rock inspired riffage. 472 more words

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Sofia Talvik – Big Sky Country

WHEN I heard about Swedish singer/songwriter Sofia Talvik and her new album, Big Sky Country, I was excited to hear from an artist hailing from a country that’s not mega-fashionable. 308 more words

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HIVE1 by Tyondai Braxton

Year: 23XX. You’re a consciousness implanted in a robot, built just like many others on an artificial world. You “wake up” to start your “day” with a greeting from the nano-flies that implant the necessary imagery and motives into your mind hard-drive. 218 more words

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Fight Like Apes - Fight Like Apes

Dublin alt rocking shoegazers Fight Like Apes are just like their self titled third album, an intriguing bundle of quirk. With quite a few award nominations under their belts to date, it’s clear they’re a hit with their cheery fan-base. 305 more words


Album Review: Cult of Endtime - "In Charnel Lights"

On the heels of two promising demos, Finnish band Cult of Endtime are back with the throwback full-length debut, In Charnel Lights. This release, much like their previous material, release remains closely linked to their death metal roots but, whereas their past was more in the melodic vein, they’re now combing the gritty, doomier side with a fuller, more evil sound. 375 more words

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Young Guns – Ones And Zeros

Set aside everything you thought you knew about Young Guns before you even attempt to listen to Ones And Zeros, this is not quite the same beast as their previous efforts. 463 more words


Anti-Flag - American Spring

Properly forming in 1996, Pittsburgh’s Anti-Flag have done well to avoid being lumped in with the group of copycat bands that followed the initial hype surrounding the likes of Green Day, NoFX, The Offspring, Rancid and Bad Religion. 409 more words