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State of the Sea Ice – Feb 2015

Guest essay by Robert A Cook, PE – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

Sea ice concentration, north and south poles as observed by satellite. Image from University of Illinois Cryosphere Today 2,194 more words

CAGW Alarmism

Ice, water, clouds and Earth's climate

H2O exists on Earth in its three forms, ice, water and water vapour. These three phases each have a role to play in affecting the dynamics of Earth’s climate, more specifically they each interact with incoming radiation from the sun in different ways. 1,445 more words


Taking an online course on Climate Change on a whim - Requires me to actually read

I decided to try a couple of free Open University courses to challenge my brain, I do worry that I feed it too much junk and that it is deteriorating. 226 more words


A good week for defense

I successfully defended my dissertation last Thursday! Defense title: “Measured and modeled albedos of sea-ice surfaces on the oceans of Snowball Earth.”

Here’s how I summed up my talk: … 202 more words


Sobre fotografia e latitude

Nada tira da minha cabeça que o ângulo de incidência do sol no hemisfério norte(polar) afeta a iluminação e a atmosfera de forma que as fotos de todos os turistas ficam melhores do que aqui no RJ.  141 more words


Arctic Albedo Variations

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Anthony has just posted the results from a “Press Session” at the AGU conference. In it the authors make two claims of interest. 1,304 more words


From #AGU14 - satellites detect albedo change in the Arctic, resulting in more absorbed solar radiation

This press session at AGU conference today had quite a lot to say. Personally, I think the issue of carbon soot forcing is one of the strongest drivers of this, as WUWT previously covered here: … 1,067 more words