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Albedo is a measure of reflectivity, specifically, of sunlight hitting Earth’s surface. But why is this important?

Albedo might be mentioned when studying sea ice near the poles, especially during the summertime when there is a lot of sunlight coming in through the atmosphere. 447 more words

Repeated Trials, Autocorrelation, and Albedo

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

OK, quick gambler’s question. Suppose I flip seven coins in the air at once and they all seven come up heads. 1,512 more words

Bad Science

High End 2015: Albedo, Audia Flight

This was one of the most interesting rooms of this year’s Munich show and had a strong Italian flavor with speakers from Albedo, electronics from Audia Flight and… 292 more words

High End

No surprise here: Jet contrails affect surface temperatures

From Penn State

High in the sky where the cirrus ice crystal clouds form, jet contrails draw their crisscross patterns. Now researchers have found that these elevated ice cloud trails can influence temperatures on the ground and affect local climate, according to a team of Penn State geographers. 395 more words


The Daily Albedo Cycle

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

I discussed the role of tropical albedo in regulating the temperature in two previous posts entitled Albedic Meanderings and An Inherently Stable System… 1,743 more words


Tiny House: Roofing in the Canopy

Robert asked the guy at the metal company “So what do you think about tiny houses?” He replied with a politely indirect, “My wife loves them.” He explained that he’d like to have one only if there were a staircase inside that accessed a 2,000 square foot hidden underground home. 415 more words