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Time-series analysis of albedo on the Agassiz Ice Cap, Canada

The final glacier analysed was the Agassiz Ice Cap (AIC) shown in Fig. 1.

Figure 1: Study site map for Agassiz Ice Cap. Coordinates refer to UTM (Universal Trans Mercator) 241 more words

Time series analysis of albedo on Humboldt Glacier, Greenland

Following on from the previous post, the second glacier analysed was the Humboldt Glacier (HG) shown in Fig. 1; the largest in Greenland. This was used to provide method validation with Box et al (2012), which encompassed the whole of the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS), as well as a more detailed and localised analysis of individual glacier albedo behaviour. 323 more words

Time-seies analysis of albedo on Svalbard (Part 2)

Further analysis involved calculating yearly averages as well as the spatial representation of albedo change across Austfonna.

Key points from these figures are as follows: 141 more words

Colorful Creation, Part 1

The blank circle on my sketchpad stared menacingly back at me as I searched my brain for inspiration that would fit into this assignment for my college art class.  568 more words

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New paper on Earth’s albedo has some surprises

The amount of sunlight that is reflected back into space is called the Earth’s albedo. This has some important implications for Earth’s climate.

A new paper published by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) finds, surprisingly, that the albedo of the northern and southern hemispheres is about equal even though the northern hemisphere is dominated by land and the southern hemisphere by ocean. 451 more words

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Send In The Clouds...

I was over at TallBlokes and he had one of those “look at this” postings he does. It was about clouds.

Basically it references a paper that says that the albedo of the two hemispheres is identical for all practical puprposes and there most likely is some strong negative feedback that keeps it that way. 1,577 more words

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New albedo paper?

I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the recent paper by Stephens et al. on the albedo of the Earth. Judith Curry thinks the paper is… 436 more words

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