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Domesticating tigers to ensure their survival

Tigers cannot survive without human intervention. They are just not capable of handling the shrinking of their traditional habitats and the changing environment. They are not evolving fast enough. 513 more words


Pachauri feels the heat

The Pachauri train wreck continues – a harbinger of what is to come with the global warming orthodoxy. It is now becoming clear that “much of the supposed “global warming” is due to the use of “adjusted” temperatures to cool the past… 195 more words


Global warming slowdown probably due to natural cycles, study finds

The Guardian newspaper finally facing up to climate reality? Well, after a fashion. Their global warming can may have been kicked down the road for a while, that’s all. 477 more words


Patchy's gone - joins the growing line of privileged sexual predators

There will be those who say that Pachauri’s resignation from the IPCC for sexual harassment charges will not hurt the IPCC. After all the transgressions of the Chairman are not necessarily those of others in the IPCC. 409 more words


John Brignell: How we know they know they are lying

H/T to tweeter ‘ILuvCO2′ for reminding me about this essay from the excellent ‘numberwatch’ website, written by its owner John Brignell back in 2009. 1,305 more words


Canada: Climate Extremists a credible threat

Guardian / leaked Canadian Government memo

Story submission by Eric Worrall

The Guardian has published excerpts of what it claims is an internal Canadian government memo, which suggests that the Canadian government is far more worried about Climate extremists, than Climate Change. 311 more words


Fossil fuel use still growing and will provide over 80% of global energy in 2035

The BP Energy Outlook for 2035 is out.

  • In absolute terms total energy usage will grow 37%.
  • Two-thirds of the increase in demand is met by fossil fuels.
  • 126 more words