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Climate change & ocean acidification set to cause global seafood crisis by 2050

Another computer model.

Seafood supply altered by climate change

From the University of British Columbia:

The global supply of seafood is set to change substantially and many people will not be able to enjoy the same quantity and dishes in the future due to climate change and ocean acidification, according to UBC scientists. 271 more words


Debunking Bloomberg's 'alarming' climate graph: Are we really on track for 4°C global warming by 2100?

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

David Burton has already done a wonderful deconstruction of Bloomberg’s absurd global warming attribution graph, by Eric Roston and Blacki Migliozzi, contrived from data by the notoriously unreliable NASA GISS, purporting to demonstrate that 20th-century global warming was reely ’n’ truly all caused by our sins of emission, honest it was, guv’nor, cross me ’eart an’ ’ope to die. 1,701 more words


More pointless worrying from NOAA: July 4th fireworks cause a spike in particulate matter for a day

From the Department of Obvious Science and the “don’t you have anything better to do with our tax dollars” department comes this pointless study. Gotta love the zinger at the end about the EPA not regulating fireworks emissions (yet). 628 more words


The Conclusions of a Press Release Should Match the Scientific Study, Don’t Ya Think?

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale

UPDATE: Repaired a few typos.

How often do we see this happen—a press release about a scientific study states or suggests that global warming was the cause of a factor being studied, when the paper itself doesn’t come to that conclusion…and/or the data contradict it? 891 more words


What the Media Aren't Telling You About Climate Change

Daily Media Review cuts through the headlines and scare stories to point out some of the key fallacies and failed assumptions relied upon by the climate change scare industry. 785 more words


Bill Gates punctures the renewables fantasy balloon

I know that renewables provide a useful but limited resource for our energy needs. I know that they are economic only in some specialised niches in the energy sector. 774 more words


Dutch deathcap

Dutch court orders state to slash carbon emissions
Activists welcome decision to order Netherlands to slash greenhouse gas emissions by at least 25 percent by 2020.A Dutch court has ordered the state to slash greenhouse gas emissions by at least 25 percent by 2020, after a group of citizens took their government to court.

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