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The green plan to make Capitalism cruel

A regular green claim is that, for the sake of the planet, we can’t afford any more economic growth. How many times have you heard something like the following: 609 more words


Non-Sequiteur of the day: Ban Ki Moon Visits Ireland

From RTE

On the second day of his visit to Ireland, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged Ireland to “to align its climate efforts with its admirable engagement on hunger”. 86 more words


Tomorrowland - the only Clooney movie I'll probably never see

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The Daily Beast reports that George Clooney has done the green thing – starred in a new big budget Summer eco-disaster film, which aims to make us feel bad about warm weather. 278 more words


Obama deals with imaginary threats while "in denial" about ISIS

I would have said that Barack Obama is not just “in denial” but living in a bubble of his own making. If one needed an example to illustrate a “clear and present” danger, there couldn’t be one better than the advance of ISIS and the lack of resistance from the Iraqi Army. 697 more words


Cold - not heat - is the real killer

Climate will change as it always has. While there is a religious belief among the radicalised of the true faith that man-made global warming is real, the reality is that there is no signature of man-made global warming that can be distinguished from the natural variations of climate. 475 more words


Greenland seasonal ice melt has hardly started and is running more than one month late

The Danish Meteorological Institute reports that the Greenland seasonal ice melt is running very late and more than a month behind the 1990 -2011 mean. It is still at very low levels and the lowest recorded for this day of the year. 103 more words


Oh noes! Exposure of US population to extreme heat could quadruple by mid-century

From the National Center for Atmospheric Research/University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and the Department of “ignored data in favor of modeled simulations” comes this claim from Trenberth’s mountain climate alarm lair. 976 more words