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Bangladesh Arrests 12 Suspected Militants

At least 12 suspected militants, including the leader of the al-Qaeda regional branch, have been arrested by Bangladesh authorities. 122 more words


Both Major US Parties are Plagues on Humanity

Both Major US Parties are Plagues on Humanity

They are all the same in their corporate soullessness

There has never been a dime’s worth of difference between the Clintons (Bill and Hillary) and Barack Obama, and less than ten cents separates the worldviews of these Democratic political twins from the Bush wing of the Republican Party. 2,006 more words


Obama’s letters to Ayatullah Khamenei


Posted on July 1, 2015 |

If one follows the Jewish mass-media, he will find that Benjamin Netanyahu is still posting letters to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei on behalf of Israel’s ‘Guardian Angle’ US president Barack Obama. 492 more words



 Ziad Fadel 

AL-HASAKA:  Desperate for some victory to act as a counterweight to Jaysh Al-Fath’s occupation of Idlib; to alleviate the questionings about ISIS’s ability to attack Syrian military bases; to explain the shrinking real estate ISIS occupies and to establish that Allah is on its side, the rats of the Caliphate of Cockadoodledoo have tried to establish a foothold in the southwestern corner of Al-Hasaka.  400 more words


Muslims don't be Tempted by the Devil (ISIS/ISIL/Al Qaeda/Al Nusra/FSA

Muslims don’t be Tempted by the Devil (ISIS/ISIL/Al Qaeda/Al Nusra/FSA

Those who get tempted to go and fight with ISIS in the name of Islam are being taken as fools and lied to in the name of Satan. 565 more words

War On Syria

Hezbollah, Lebanese Army Foil Al-Nusra Front Attack in Arsal Barrens

Local Editor

The Lebanese army and Hezbollah fighters managed on Tuesday night to foil an attack by the militants of the Al-Nusra Front takfiri group — al-Qaeda branch in Syria — in Arsal barrens east of Lebanon, military sources told Al-Manar TV. 304 more words

War On Syria