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Palmetto State Armory AK Release: Some Thoughts

When the PSA AK-47 released yesterday afternoon, the reception among enthusiasts was surprisingly mixed. Many were excited to see what appears to be a quality US-made AKM clone, but others expressed disappointment at the hefty $750 price tag that accompanies the Magpul-equipped initial release. 258 more words


Inter Ordnance AKM247 Review

When Inter Ordnance (aka. I.O. Inc.) moved from North Carolina to Florida two years ago, the company’s stated goal was to seek out better talent in order to improve the quality of their builds. 3,217 more words


How To: Refinish Your AK's Metal Parts Using Appliance Epoxy

As a Kalashnikov enthusiast, I cannot think of any topic more aggressively researched or argued than how to appropriately replicate Soviet/Russian AK metal and wood finishes. 1,423 more words


Coming Soon: How to Refinish Your AK's Metal Parts

Dedicated AK enthusiasts will recognize Rust-Oleum Appliance Epoxy as an excellent finish for AK series rifles. More to come.


How To: Convert a Saiga to AKM Configuration

Over the past two or three years, I have seen several collectors asking about the feasibility of converting a Russian Saiga 7.62x39mm rifle to AKM configuration. 1,780 more words


Unsafest Way To Shoot an AK47 - Don't Try This At Home

All AK47 operators need to know that if you improperly actuate some safety select levers your AK47 will fire. if your AK has a full-auto safety lever then it will trip the disconnect if you lift the lever. 218 more words


The Best Guns in Battlefield Hardline

There were a few changes from the Battlefield Hardline Beta to the full release which means that the best gun in Battlefield Hardline also has changed. 79 more words

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