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President Obama rides Air Force One across the country to personally enjoy each water sucking golf course in the drought ridden west.  First Lady Michelle jaunts around the globe with her entourage in as many as 5 carbon spewing jets.  95 more words


Yellow haze

The other day, we flew back into Kingston from the U.S. There was a distinct haze over the city, and at first, I thought Riverton was burning again. 185 more words

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My fellow blogger Kate flew into Kingston the other day and took these photos. What is in the air we are breathing right now? Who is monitoring it? We had a huge panic over the Riverton dump fire earlier this year. Is NEPA still concerned about the quality of the air that at least half of our population is breathing every day?

Fourth of July Fireworks Cause Increase in Particulate Matter...

As most Americans might be readying themselves for countless celebrations across the nation this weekend, a small group will be taking to the air to get a different perspective on the light shows showering our evening skies.  185 more words


Beijing Says Its Air Pollution Better in First Half of 2015

The Associated Press

BEIJING — Air quality in Beijing, notorious for its smoggy sky, improved during the first six months of 2015, the city government said. 116 more words

Study: Fireworks contribute to air pollution, public health issues

Nick Fetty | July 3, 2015

Firework shows have long been a Fourth of July tradition but new research finds that they could be more damaging to the environment and public health than previously thought. 240 more words

Air Quality

Air quality here still 'moderate'

The air quality has worsened slightly in Singapore and parts of Malaysia.

In Singapore, the three-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) hit 79 at 12pm yesterday, up from 64 at 6am. 232 more words

Air Quality

Vulnerable Manitobans warned to avoid smoke from Northern Saskatchewan wildfires

As wildfires continue to burn in Northern Saskatchewan and smoke hazes the skies, Manitoba health officials are warning those vulnerable to the smoke to keep an eye on forecasts and to stay indoors when air quality is bad. 194 more words