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Orgasmic Bliss...........by Ainsley Carter ™2015

The human body

is such an amazing

phenomenal structure, –

let’s take the female form

with such mesmerising

protrusions (nipples),


and contours.


one can just imagine… 93 more words

Ainsley Carter

I Too Hurt and Cry.....by Ainsley Carter aka Mr. Erotica 2015

Sadness and Loneliness can be very painful , but we must all try and learn to deal with these emotions in a more positive way and talk to friends and other love ones… 115 more words

Ainsley Carter

Domestic Violence .........

Life was rosy

everything was sweet

Love and kisses

then one day it all started

No it wasn’t the first kiss

It was a hit and miss… 366 more words

Ainsley Carter