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Freedom in Public Schools

Ken Ham / 24 FEB 2015 – Reportedly a member of the Scottish Parliament is working to get creation taught in schools, along with evolution. He argues that since “neither creationism nor evolution can be proved by science” but, rather, what you believe about both is determined by “assumptions being made on both sides” about the existence of God, both views should be taught to students. 309 more words

Christian Life

Justice For Sale: Greed Breeds Corruption (Part 3)

On September 15, 2008, the corporate media obsessively reminded viewers that the 158 year-old global financial services giant Lehman Brothers was bankrupt. Reporters wondered How did this happen? 1,806 more words

Insurance is one of the key to save more money

How can insurance help by getting collective help from others when you are in trouble?

So what are the options outside?

Answer below!

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AIG's 4th Quarter Results

I’m always amazed at the number of press releases or “earnings reports” that are automatically generated immediately after every earnings release. They provide data that is close to useless and has no context. 440 more words

Value Stock Review

AIG to Buy Back More Stock as Profits Tumbled

American International Group Inc. (NYSE: AIG) reported fourth-quarter and full-year 2014 earnings after markets closed on Thursday. For the quarter, the multinational insurer posted adjusted diluted earnings per share (EPS) of $0.97. 287 more words

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Today’s Top 8 Business News Headlines

  • Stocks End Higher, Led By Tech
  • Techs Rise for First Time in Six Days
  • Les Moonves Says No to iacome Merger
  • Kraft Loses Money, Reports Quarterly Loss…
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Business Headlines

Merrill Lynch Updates US 1 List, Adding a Top Financial Stock

With the market past a very volatile January and well into February, major firms on Wall Street that we cover here at 24/7 Wall St. are tweaking and fine-tuning their lists of top stocks to buy. 787 more words