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A Reverse Osmosis Filtration Machine to Aid in Community Water Needs

Every community regardless of size needs direct access to fresh water. Some places may see established water providers sell their products at ridiculously high prices while others simply want a place to access clean water for various purposes. 122 more words


If Complexity was a person, she would be a Socialist

By Jean Boulton

(This blog was oringially posted at – From Poverty to Power Oxfam Blog)

Dr. Boulton was inspired to write this following the CDS 40th anniversary conference entitled “ Inequality everywhere: What is development about?” Looking at things through a complexity lens emphasises that inequality inevitably rises in a free market and that there is a need for some form of regulatory processes to uphold the voices of the disadvantaged and of the environment. 1,024 more words


If Men Had Periods

This video has over 100k hits already. Look at the statistics at the end of it about women without access to toilets during their period. How would this hinder their lives? 61 more words



Hello friends.I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. Once again thank you for your partnership with us at Christian Efforts Against Poverty. I must say I am so happy and delighted to let all of you know that we have been able to update the children’s page. 106 more words

Ebola, Cultural Responses, and the Funding Gap

A few weeks ago I linked to a handful of academic works on Ebola outbreaks past and present. This week, as I round out my job as a high school teacher, I ran my sophomores through a couple of days on the virus and ongoing outbreak. 943 more words


Hello world!

Hello world, you can think of me as a genie but without the limit on wishes, I’m here to grant you as many as you need. 121 more words


Thunderlights - 5/26/15

Sometimes you need be,

but a body in a seat.

To make no big fuss about it;

fabric stitch in the scenery, merely.

Be there; physical presence, 14 more words