G'day mate is apparently not how all of Australia says hello.

I’ve thought about studying abroad since the early days in high school, so now that I am 79 days away from flying to Melbourne, the anxious excitement doesn’t stop coming. 171 more words


OMGosh! I just had a horrible thought!

I have over 600 articles/essays on this website…..what IF something happened and they all were……lost?

Is there a way to back up my site? Do I have to start going through all 32 pages of posts and copying them all and saving to a file?

Wow…….I scared!  :-/



DS9, Season 5: “Trials and Tribble-ations”

So, Leonard “Legendary Hands” McCoy hitting the sack with a gymnast pro when he was a student. … Study, my ass!

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my insomnia is destroying me

I’m going on about three nights (and days) with zero sleep.

And I mean it when I say ZERO sleep. I haven’t slept. Can’t fall asleep. 272 more words