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I'm getting married y'all!

What is my biggest fear about studying abroad?

Being a woman. 444 more words

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Status Report: Under-caffeinated

Caffeine Deficiency Syndrome

A common condition in which one does dot have enough caffeine in their system to operate normally. Symptoms include drowsiness, staring at walls, and an inability to tolerate other people, often accompanied by a headache. 137 more words


Is this adulthood?

This past semester was definitely the toughest I’ve had so far. With an internship, a job, a full class load, and the stress of preparing to study abroad, my mental and physical health were not at their best, so thank you to all my friends and family who helped me get through it.  223 more words

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How seeing my favorite band taught me a life lesson.

Last night, I saw a band that I have loved for nine years (basically half my life) live and onstage. I remember hearing Moving to New York as a 10-year-old who idolized her uncle for his indie taste and personality, and thinking “I can be indie too!” 548 more words

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Homesickness at home.


UniMelb offer has been officially accepted, I have my Australian address, and now, all I need to do is submit my visa application.

73 more days in America, 14 left in DC. 156 more words

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G'day mate is apparently not how all of Australia says hello.

I’ve thought about studying abroad since the early days in high school, so now that I am 79 days away from flying to Melbourne, the anxious excitement doesn’t stop coming. 171 more words

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