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Hidden beneath the 245,000 square miles that make up the Great Plains, resides a lake that’s one of our greatest water assets: The Ogallala Aquifer. 43 more words


Analysis for Climate Impacts on Agriculture and Food Supply.

While writing this post I was listening to Outside by TOPS. I thought you could listen while you read.


While analyzing Climate Impacts on Agriculture and Food Supply multiple key points presented themselves. 400 more words


A Treasure Buried Underground

Imperial County, where the Salton Sea is located, tends to be associated with agriculture, and there are many reasons why this is so. According to the Imperial County’s agricultural report the gross value of farm products reached 2.15 billion dollars in 2013  784 more words

Salton Sea

I Hope You Stay Excited

I had a great conversation with my boss last week. Well, it was really a mid-season review (Hi, Pepe!), but with her it always seems to turn into an hour long conversation. 244 more words

A World Without Ag Wednesdays: Strawberries

For as long as I can remember, the start of summer could be marked with delicious, red strawberries. As a child, it was a scavenger hunt trying to find the red ones ready to be picked in the field. 784 more words


California: Mega-drought looming.

“California mega drought is impending”

DESPITE man-made circulation systems, concrete canals and pipes that bring water from distant mountains to farms and populated areas California is still under an intense three year drought. 2,938 more words

You Must Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Putin: Let them eat seeds

May 27, 2015

Sanctions have weighed heavily on Russia since last year. The value of the ruble plunged and the availability of goods have decreased. While the Russian government has stabilized the economic crisis via interest rate policy and sales of commodity production to non-traditional trading partners like China, many Russians continue to suffer. 86 more words