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Painful Lessons

I’m just coming out of a rough patch and feel there are lessons to be learned out of it, so what better way than to write it out – and hope that maybe someone else can learn from it too? 1,414 more words


Sorry and thank you!

I could say I’ve been far too busy to blog recently, but let’s face it – it’s more a matter of being busy and then not managing my time well at all and a lack of inclination to organise my thoughts enough to write a post. 245 more words

Mental Health

Losing momentum

It’s been a busy few weeks. I feel like I’ve grown a lot even though I’ve mostly been half-writing stuff then letting it sit and simmer. 290 more words

Spring cleaning

We’ve been busy today working on getting the yard and patio functional for Spring/Summer. Let me tell you, for an agoraphobe, this is a mighty big yard. 54 more words


Lamotrigine Crash-Boom round 2

I’m not feeling too well. I actually can not recall the last time I left my place aside from messing around my deck. My deck is around the back and faces a greenbelt so I don’t get too concerned about being out there. 241 more words

Bemused Blog

Medication medication medication

Friday 17th April – 8.37pm or there abouts

I now have a week and a half of venlafaxine whirling about in my veins trying it’s best to find a place to settle.   340 more words


Pill box

I feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to. I feel alone and nothing is working out in my life right now.

Some time a little over a year ago my dad decided to cease all treatment for every medical issue I was having because he didn’t see them as being legitimate. 592 more words