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Falling Behind

Gathering all for an evening together

Far away from the daily struggle

Yearning to collapse into myself

Thought, my old friend, has arrived

Time for the mind to churn ahead… 89 more words


What will this become?

I would really like to use this as a journey through what it’s like to struggle with mental illness. I have tried these sort of things before, but I get so paranoid someone will figure out who I am and will know all my dark secrets that I generally hide that I stop writing or worse, I’m terrified to be honest with even myself sometimes and writing it out makes those things real. 133 more words

Mental Illness

PTSD - In Search of the Feelings

At Friday’s group therapy, one of the Therapists said she would like to ask me something about the previous week’s session. I had shared parts… 499 more words


BPD - An Example of How it Feels...

I just saw this video posted in a BDP group that I belong to and I think it could be very helpful for anyone who is trying to understand the illness and not quite getting it. 218 more words


Vegetable garden and a victory against my head!

Yes folks. I WENT OUTSIDE YESTERDAY! I challenged myself last week and asked my dad to come help me plant a small vegetable garden. He’s the master gardener, always has been. 698 more words


Agoraphobia got me this week

As anyone who has any kind of anxiety disorder can attest, there are good days and bad as well as good weeks and bad. I just had a horrific week dealing with my agoraphobia and I hope it doesn’t start up again this week. 403 more words

Not-so-daily Posts


What is agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is an intense fear of being in a pubic place where you feel escape might be difficult. So people with this condition tend to avoid public places and may not even venture out from their homes. 555 more words