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What Does Agoraphobia Really Look Like?

It’s not easy to ‘spot’ someone with agoraphobia. Even when their behaviour clearly elicits a sense of the person not being comfortable where they are, unless you ask them outright, there could be any number of reasons behind their distress. 404 more words


Social Traffic Signal

I often find myself the one sticking out by not following suit. Green means go!


He instead of I

He has been experiencing clinical, or major depression for a couple of months. It almost always follows a long bout of mania. He waited to contact his doctor until a few days ago. 707 more words


Wot watch?

Once, when I was around 15 years of age I went to a week long Arts Academy. I was pretty serious about singing back then, not that you’d know that now (howling away in the car to Taylor Swift…shame shame). 369 more words


The Plot Thickens - Panic Disorder With Agoraphobia

I just learned yesterday that DVA considers my guy to have a comorbid diagnosis of “Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia”. This doesn t come as any great surprise, given what I know of his symptoms, however I d never applied the label of agoraphobia to his condition before. 50 more words

Conversations with strangers vs social anxiety. Faith in the Oaks, Glen Eden

Having to speak to an unknown human for the first time has never been one of my favourite things. I have a real tendency to say the wrong thing, swear inappropriately or generally make a bit of a twat of myself. 732 more words