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Eclectic words of wisdom # 96

You! Yes the one reading this. You are specialunique,


That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing.


TRUST ISSUES } How To Know Who To Trust

Ever since I was a child, I trusted the people I was around because I felt secure and happiness from opening myself up to these people. 798 more words


Nice guys - a paradox if ever you've heard one.

Recently, there’s been a whole load of debate about the ‘nice guy’, i.e. those men that put their continued lack of success in the dating game down to being just… 1,448 more words

Just Ask Agony Aunt

Our Agony Aunt answers questions and offers advice to help readers sort out their issues. 676 more words

As Seen In Pow Mag

Ask Lady Susan: "My hand is caught in the blender. Help?"

“Dear Lady Susan, 

My hand is caught in the blender. Please help!”

Panicking of Arundel

Dear Panicking,

Oh dear! That does sound tricky. Well, my philosophy is always, communication, communication and communication. 205 more words

Agony Aunt

She's moved on. Now what?


Ever had to face that dreadful fact when your so called flame moves on to flicker with another moth?

Sucks, doesn’t it?

You feel angry…jealous…resentful…hurt and kind of numb. 257 more words

Agony Aunt

Seven things that almost always happen after a break up. 

1. The "Your Loss' Text.

Both parties following a break up seem to find it imperative to use this phrase. Both parties in said break up however, fail to notice any impact from this phrase upon receiving it. 333 more words