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To Have and Have Not

I am so glad childless women are finally speaking up about not having children.
I am one of them and I had started to get sick of being judged by smug married couples. 727 more words


The Queen of Coins: Tarot For A Shop's Queen.

For twelve years now, I have been reading on an occasional basis for a local business owner; an independent fashion retailer. She has been running her business in Lytham town centre for more than thirty years, and uses my Tarot as an occasional sounding board and second opinion. 310 more words

Love and other stories...

Have you ever been in love? Think about it – like really in love…beyond the first flushes of infatuation, beyond the butterflies of human entanglement… I’m not sure I have. 2,043 more words


Agony Aunt

I don’t know why but I love having a sort of Agony Aunt role

In our group of friends, sometimes I think I’m the mother. I don’t tend to get involved in many arguments and I love to make sure everyone feels happy. 144 more words


5 Reasons why you SHOULD have sex on your first date

Men have been sleeping with whoever they want since the beginning of time, yet even in the supposedly equal 2015, women STILL get a hard time about being open with their sexuality.  553 more words

Luna Ballantyne

Just call me Tante Bitterbal

I have a confession to make: I have a superpower. It first started when I was aged 17, on the bus to college. A friend of a friend began sitting next to me on the bus – a very friendly chap – but even at the time I could tell that his bubbly personality was all bravado and he had more issues than… 826 more words



A little introduction to my advice page:

Now its not like i’m claiming to be some amazing advice guru … but I do seem to be continuously asked my opinion! 243 more words