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Looking Back: Supernatural Experiences

I just found the testimony of absenceofchrist, an ex-Christian, ex-charismatic, ex-faith healer. Very interesting stuff. Go over and take a look. It’s a fairly new blog with only a few posts so far. 1,830 more words


The First Bump: Religion in My High School

Everyone has that one teacher from high school they remember for years whether it was because they loved them or hated them or maybe because they made a significant impact on your future. 1,181 more words


You've reasoned your way away from belief in God... but are there are other ways of "knowing"?

In various discussions with Christians since my deconversion, when I have explained how I have arrived at my views using reason and logic and my senses, and in various Christian apologetic arguments on the topic of how to arrive at answers that I have read, I have been met with a few different responses. 1,003 more words


The afterlife

The February/March 2015 issue of Free Inquiry has two articles on death: Greta Christina says that atheists need to start more conversations about death, and James Davenport argues that we leave heaven when we die. 208 more words