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What will it say on your tomb stone: The un-examined life blog:

I saw a funny little meme today that had a “future” grave stone which had the man’s twitter handle as well as a bunch of stats about his social media life listed.  607 more words


The range of beliefs about God

I’m frequently asked “are you and atheist or not?”

I rarely answer.

Why? Because most people have a very simplistic and inaccurate system of labels, often used merely to stereotype people into buckets. 95 more words


Atheist vs Agnostic

The term agnostic is usually referred to someone who is unsure about the existence of gods/goddesses or something like that. I think that it could easily be applied to being uncertain about any claim to knowledge. 791 more words


For decades I had unshakable faith. But when others with unshakable faith flew planes into buildings full of people on 9/11, I began to doubt my certainty. 361 more words


Atheist, Agnostic, Believer or Blind Follower?

Life is a puzzlement. So much to do, so many choices, so many conflicts, so much confusion, so much tragedy, so many bigots. Watching SONA and trying to piece together the posturing, aggression and disjointed noise left me wondering about the meaning of life. 855 more words

Author Peter Hall

Movers and Shakers vs the Shaken and Deeply Stirred

What with the Mormon Church, prompting the Utah State Legislature, to pass laws “protecting religion” – in the wake of their proposed endorsement of laws protecting… 1,428 more words


The Proverbs 31 Woman

So, I have a friend who said that she has a friend who is an agnostic, and who is also a feminist. I asked my friend how her friend became an agnostic feminist, and she told me that this verse contributed to her decision: … 1,312 more words