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Jesus Christ Superstar: Palm Sunday

Yesterday I shared about not being good at knot tying. So I was pleased to remember the steps to making palm crosses for Palm Sunday service. 332 more words


Pascal's Wager

Pascal’s Wager

Pascal proposes that there are two decisions to make; to believe in God, or to not believe in God. If you don’t believe then you are risking damnation, but if you do believe, you have a chance of going to heaven. 237 more words


The Soul Scapegoat

What do you do when someone is doing something you don’t agree with, but you can’t definitively say why it’s bad? Well there’s one thing that you can always claim is feeling something even though there is no physical or emotional stimulus by which to measure it: 919 more words


Identifying Molecules In Space

The Sun is composed of 70% hydrogen, 28% helium, and 2%t heavier elements. 96% of Venus’ atmosphere is made up of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Titan—a moon of Jupiter—has an atmosphere of 98% nitrogen. 1,245 more words


We have a duty to be skeptical

We have learned from history that we are often wrong about many things. The Earth was once thought to be flat. The stars were believed to be fixed in the sky, and it was also believed that they would fall down to the Earth one day according to the Bible. 187 more words


Come sit down near me :) , a little we know what Upanishads really are!


‘Upanishad’ means ‘sit down near me’. That is its true meaning. Isnt it so simple?
Doesnt the meaning of Upanishad remind you of your grandfather or grandmother telling you a story. 547 more words