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One day, this case will be seen as an extremely simple, straightforward case (no pun intended).

The Supreme Court’s decision can be based on almost any constitutional rationale, not the least of which are due process of law or equal protection of the laws. 254 more words

Cannabis agnostic

I’m a cannabis agnostic (thanks for the term Abe).

Fortunately I have no need for medical marijuana products.

I’ve never been inclined to use cannabis recreationally. 257 more words


On letting go of God

Goodbye. There’s just too much suffering in the world. I’ve held onto my belief until now, but no more. And letting go of you feels better than confessing my love to you over and over again only to be ignored. 61 more words


On Respecting the Exemplar Biblical Personalities...and the non-believers

In Respecting the Exemplar
Biblical Personalities…and the non-believers
By Apolinario Villalobos

My views about the Bible are very personal. I have always been honest about my limited knowledge of this Book, as I do not delve on “deep analysis”. 638 more words

Apolinario Villalobos

Atheism vs Agnosticism (and maybe some Ignosticism)

While some atheists may adopt a view where they declare “There is no God!”, all the atheists I’ve spoken to (including myself – yeah, I talk to myself regularly) adhere to the… 1,950 more words


All those friends who don't know about my deconversion yet (Coming out, part 5)

The cartoon above is not exactly what I want to write about, but it does capture part of it. That awkward moment when you reveal something to a friend that you feel you have to say, but you know has the potential to dramatically change the friendship. 750 more words


My Religious Uncertainty

Just a side note: I borrowed these ecards from Google Images, I don’t own them or anything. I don’t even own any photos used in this blog post. 2,019 more words