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By Jerry Shaw | NEWSMAX

It doesn’t take an extraordinary miracle to reverse aging. Simple procedures that help you think and feel young include hormone therapy, healthy eating and protective measures. 430 more words

Mind & Body

Is Sex Fair?

The first time I pondered this question was with my group of 6th grade girl classmates who had just been shown ‘the period movie’ without the boys. 851 more words


The dark secret of Obamacare, as seen by the GOP

A Republican congresswoman, whom I’ve never hear of before (Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington), put up a Facebook post asking people to relay their Obamacare nightmares, because, according to the GOP, Obamacare is nothing but a nightmare. 209 more words


Sisters, The Funny, Wonderful, Sometimes Hard Truth

You’ve seen the Sisters video by now by the Kloons, if not, click on it at the end of this blog.  Funny stuff. And if you are a sister of a sister of a certain age you will love it even more. 719 more words

Growing Season

There are four cars in the driveway now — if I get too close to the edge as I pull in, my tires inevitably slip off and sink deeply into the the mud. 363 more words

The birthday present that keeps giving

The first phone call today won’t be my mom or my dad calling to wish me a happy birthday but somehow I know theirs will be the first wishes of the day.   274 more words

Enjoying Life

Photo Haiku #1

I took this photo on my phone, guys, so apologies if it comes out quite pixellated. 😞 I’ll definitely work on using a better quality photo next time! 87 more words

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