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Can we transform the aging process?

Biology of Belief – Dr Bruce Lipton – microbiologist 

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Want to transform your aging process?


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Amanda 3/4/2015 - Fear and Ambition in Brooklyn


Dear A:

How often have you passed a shop window, caught a reflection of an old, jowly broad out the corner of your eye, mutely snickered at her, then realized it’s your own reflection? 749 more words


And So I Went for a Walk...

All things considered, life is really good. Thing is, you have to remember to consider all things. There are times when overwhelm, external pressures and internal chatter threaten our peace of mind. 347 more words

What DOES Work

Re-enacting Helmet Hair

This really gave me a chuckle!

Thanks Tommy


4 Ways Our Blog Just Got Better

The Aging Matters blog is evolving. We will continue to bring you the latest news, events and ideas on aging every Wednesday but with a new and improved structure to make sure we cover all the topics our readers are interested in. 474 more words


Re: [GRG] Kidney donor ages...

That link seems to be taking about cells, not nephrons.  Are new nephrons appearing?  Or is it just existing nephrons repairing themselves?


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