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Today we went to Portland Maine to meet some Stef and Greg Fox, friends from Hanoi (who are Australian, living currently, but not much longer, in Montreal — whew a full line of explanation).   291 more words

Keeping Up with Technology No Matter Your Age

Seniors traditionally are uncomfortable with change. They resent products and services disappearing and morphing into newer versions or eliminated altogether. For this group it also comes at a time when their synapses might not fire as quickly, memory is becoming harder to retain and even focus takes more effort. 372 more words


Preventing fractures is imperative for elderly

Ana Weisman takes Prolia, an injectable shot, twice a year. It helps to slow bone deterioration, crucial for preventing falls and fractures that might have dire consequences for an aging person. 705 more words


Annette Benning (1958)

The Kansas roots are what we see.  She’s down to earth and genuine.

This is not to minimize the star quality of Annette Benning.  She earned her acting chops and was recognized with four Oscar nominations.  78 more words

Billy Chrystal and George Burns on Retirement

“I asked George Burns, who lived to be 100, if he would ever retire, and he said, ‘To what? What would you do?’ “

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There's No Escaping Me

About a month ago, I stumbled upon a quote by one of my favorite authors. It resonated with me, and I posted it on my… 640 more words