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Singing with You Is Our Prayer

singing with you,
singing with you is our prayer.”*

In the lamplight
on a Thursday evening,
we halt the ticking of the old clock… 83 more words

Aging And Elders

Jesse and the Typewriter Shop

Editor’s note: I took typing one summer at Schurz High School in Chicago and still remember the class fondly. Mary Maldonado and I used to walk home from class together in the suffocating heat of a Midwestern city. 129 more words

Aging And Elders

"Being Mortal" Airs Tonight

“The two big unfixables are aging and dying…you can’t fix those.” — Atul Gawande

Editor’s note: PBS airs a documentary tonight based on Atul Gawande’s book… 604 more words

Aging And Elders

How Science Can Help You Stick to Your Goals

Editor’s note: Happify is a light-hearted but science-based online resource for games and activities to boost happiness. You might enjoy playing some of these educational games yourself, or trying them out with your dad, your grandmother, or someone else you love. 22 more words

Aging And Elders

New Design for 2015

Today the Joyous Paradox blog is three years old. Around the globe, we’re on the cusp of a new year. I’ve changed to a new design that shows off the beautiful paintings which illustrate many of these posts. 66 more words

Aging And Elders

Demystifying Home Care

Editor’s Note: The following essay began as a guest post for OpenPlacement, a company that links seniors and their families with providers of senior housing and home care services.  979 more words

Aging And Elders

The Biology of Fleshly Pleasure

Dear Readers,

Awhile ago I published a poem about love and sex called Today Love Asks Questions. While the poem was inspired by a real moment of intimacy and happiness in my marriage, it wasn’t at all explicit, or even erotic, since I’m an old-fashioned and somewhat reticent woman. 438 more words

Aging And Elders