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Mighty Mitochondria-Key to Aging

The snow is finally melting here in Fairbanks. That means two things: all the water is going to lead to mosquito season and to find temporary relief from those mosquitos, people will run 5Ks. 518 more words


[GRG] Midlife Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Incident Cancer, and Survival After Cancer in Men -- The Cooper Center Longitudinal Study

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This just forwarded to us from Melody Wining.

http://ift.tt/1D5FdBi full text

Midlife Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Incident Cancer, and Survival After Cancer in MenThe Cooper Center Longitudinal Study… 428 more words


What can lemurs tell us about about longevity?

Melody Winnig and Steve Charlap alerted us to this valuable new article:

Clues to aging from long-lived lemurs

Researchers combed through more than 50 years of medical records on hundreds of lemurs for clues to their longevity. 666 more words


[GRG] Regenerative Medicine Kindle book

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For TODAY ONLY a fine book on Regenerative Medicine is available at NO COST.

Author is Theodore Harrison, MD. His wife, Louise Andrew, MD, JD alerted me… 215 more words


There Is Just No Pill If Your Life Sucks

Notable conversation:

Me: ugh, I am SO depressed, maybe I should get some meds.

Doc: you are not depressed. In the waiting room you giggled with a stranger. 117 more words


Prison Singers

Prison singers (edit)

Sitting in the corner
by himself, no one around
Sat a man, all old and wrinkled
Lips were moving, but no sound… 633 more words


My body, my body.

A few weeks ago I started changing my diet because of a chronic problem that had flared up in a painful way. I tried to treat it locally but soon realized it was a deeper problem that required a long term solution. 529 more words