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National Dog Bite Week

Hello All!

We missed National Dog Bite week, which was May 17-23, 2015.

We just had a controversial case in AZ concerning “Mickey the Pit bull”. 245 more words

Dog-Dog Aggression Between Housemates Part Three: Management

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve discussed the recent issues between my two dogs, Layla and Trout. After the fight, both dogs had injuries that needed time to heal. 694 more words

Instructor's Dogs

Genetic influence in aggression

In order to disentangle the nature (genetic influence) and nurture (environmental or social factors), researchers use a variety of studies including family, twin and adoption studies. 732 more words


The Driving Diaries - 2

When I first started driving to work on a daily basis last year, I realised something, I did not expect. I get really aggressive on the road. 816 more words


"Outline and Evaluate Psychological explanations for institutional aggression"

A prison is a type of institution which exhibits aggression within groups. One of the main model’s for institutional aggression in prisons is the importation model, which suggests that inmates import their own social histories and violent characteristics into the prison, which influences the behaviour within the prison. 824 more words


people as toys

Now, be honest. You ever seen a guy or a girl as a toy? Someone to play with to break the boredom?

It sounds really bad. 325 more words