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"The Way I See It" - After Three Months

The year is 1/4 over with!! My Blog, “The Way I See It” is three months old. Below are some interesting numbers. I’m posting this on the weekend because I’m told that… 179 more words


Why I Think Cowboys Make Good 'Hands' For the Lord!

For the person who doesn’t quite understand what I’m talking about when I call someone a ‘hand’, it’s a term often used in ranch or cowboy circles. 394 more words


(POEM) Love and Fear + a work in progress

This piece was intended to be sent through a poetry organization but it felt like this isn’t for the compilation of the literary works. I guess I need to compose myself and write another set for the poetry organization. 280 more words


Your Worth is in God.....Always

Two weeks ago i felt lead by the Holy Spirit to talk about a broad subject. Now this is a subject that i had to wrestle with but i knew that deep down that it was the truth. 586 more words


Simple Song of the Divine.

As music and words flood my ears my soul awakens, I cannot contain the stir inside. My heart moves and my whole being is transcended into a world I thought lost. 162 more words


What Are You Saying to Yourself?

I don’t think it’s just me; I think it’s most of us. We have these little conversations in our head fairly often. I call it ‘inner talk’ 378 more words


Positive Affirmations #8: I Love You Unconditionally

Everyone is created differently. We have different shapes, and sizes, skin color and nationalities. We’re different in what we eat and what we like to watch on television. 101 more words

Dana On Love